May 182010

Morganna was very pleased helping me explore Jaya Bluffs, that she came with Solorian and myself for the next one. I can’t blame her because Shing Jea Island is so beautiful. As we entered Haiju Lagoon, our eyes were treated to a wonderful sight. The Haiju Lagoon is dotted with several small villages.

A field of lavender and Miller Quang by his windmill.

Farmer Donlai lives a quiet life with his thirsty ox in Linkei Township.

As we got closer to the shoreline, Yuroso Island became more visible to us.

Unlike in Panjiang Peninsula, the Crimson Skull live in (very) modest houses. The view of Hanzing Pier is excellent, but you might wake up in the middle of the night to find yourself sleeping next to a Naga!

After we fought our way through the Crimson Skull, it was decided we would relax for a while on the pier. It’s a shame to come out here and not enjoy the beauty of the open sea. I would have liked to have stayed longer but my exploration of the area was not complete.

There is a sign marking these “houses” as Daochu Village, but only Nagas were found here.

I pointed out this crane in the Haiju Lagoon to my friends.

As we looked around for more foes, I noticed some bleached bones. Unlike similar ones I found in the Crystal Desert, no journal was found on these bones.

If only the wealthy in Kaineng City could see this now, I am sure they would buy up the land where that village is and turn it into a resort! The common folk of Haiju Lagoon must enjoy living in Jatin Village.

Noticing the village made us want to have a closer look. The people here were very nice and welcoming; something that adventurers don’t always expect.

Solorian, Morganna and myself sat atop a hill in Jatin Village and gazed out into the lagoon. My exploration of the lagoon was at a close, and I thanked my friends for coming. As a parting gift, I gave them the remains of the vicious plant: Dragon Lilly in a small box. You can boil their leaves in water and make very mellow tea.

Prized Spoils: One golden item
Outposts: Zen Daijun
Exits: Jaya Bluffs
Friends: Solorian D., Morgana D.