Jun 282010

When I first heard about Gyala Hatchery, I was surprised to hear about the young sealife the Luxons were saving. In the hatchery they have a wide range of eggs and hatchlings, including sea life that can no longer live in the Jade Sea, and baby turtles. They are such a war like culture that I didn’t expect them to have a soft spot for raising young animals. To fully explore the hatchery area, I was accompanied by Solorian, Kali T.C., and Jordan O.F. We began our adventure from Leviathan Pits, a small jade mining area.

We first saw this enormous Leviathan ship that stretches from the Leviathan Pits to the explorable area. Apparently the structure was crafted out of a mammoth turtle shell.

Speaking of Leviathans, I have heard that these strange bug-like creatures are also called that. This one is kind of small. Maybe it’s a baby.

I also found some fish encased in jade nearby the leviathan.

The sky looks so beautiful here. I wonder if young Luxon couples like to spend the evening out here.

On an island with a few onis, I found some lovely lavender growing all over. It reminds me of Shing Jea.

As we approached yet another Leviathan ship, Solorian asked me about the different Luxon clans since he had missed out on most of my journey through the region so far.

To begin with, each of the clans has a leader. The process of becoming the leader requires a battle. Only the strongest and wisest lead. Currently each of the clans are lead by women.

Juno leads the Turtle clan. Her champion is an elementalist named Argo. Rhea is the elder of the clan. Their members like to use elemental magic to defeat foes.
Elora leads the Crab clan. Their champion is a ranger named Daeman, and their elder is named Cleo. Their members use spirits to change the course of battle.
Lexis leads the Serpent clan. Their champion is a ranger named Aurora, and their elder is named Casta. Their members overwhelm opponents by combining strong attacks with animal companions.

As we walked up the ship, Solorian asked if I knew about any other clans. Unfortunately the three main ones are the only ones I am aware of.

At the top of the ship you can get a great view of your surroundings. The Jade Sea seems to stretch out as far as the eye can see.

To the north of us, I spotted an ornate gate and what may be a mining area. I will have to look at that with my friends when we get to that side.

A large shell, some baskets and a table suggest that someone was here not too long ago. The table has been knocked over. Perhaps they left during an argument with Naga.

Large bolts of cloth provide shade for busy people mining the jade here. Unfortunately I couldn’t speak with any of the workers and only met aggressive sea monsters.

A beacon shines out for ships that can no longer navigate these waters. Between here and Maishang Hills, this is the second one I’ve seen.

Finally I made my way over to that ornate gate and discovered a huge jellyfish trapped in a block of jade. The sun was starting to set in the sky, so I thanked my friends Kali T.C., Jordan O.S. and Solorian D. for their help.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items, one elite monk tome
Outposts: Gyala Hatchery (outpost), Leviathan Pits
Exits: Rhea’s Crater
Friends: Solorian D., Kali T.C., Jordan O. S.