Jul 122012

Two of my Ascalonian friends, Elwin and Xiara invited me to come with them to the Diessa Lowlands. The subject matter was a surprise, but they said it would be fun. I was instructed to meet them at the Grenditch Courthouse, where not only were they waiting for me, but so was Gwen. The whole event had actually been something the young Ebon Vanguard had designed. Earlier that day Elwin and Xiara surprised Gwen by presenting her a tapestry shred. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but apparently it holds a great significance to Gwen and the early heroes of Ascalon that trained before the Searing.

The nostalgia of the tapestry shred prompted Gwen to take us to back to Ascalon to visit the spot in Diessa Lowlands where she was held prisoner. She led us toward the location of a once great temple that was destroyed and used by the charr as a prison.

Going in for a closer look, we saw that the prison was still intact and held two human beings within it. Gwen charged into battle and the rest of us joined in to help.

When I saw who the captives were, I could tell that the war against the charr was going badly in Ascalon. Both Duke Barradin and Farah Cappo were being held here. The duke in particular has a long, important history in Ascalon. King Adelbern should have called for a large rescue party. If we hadn’t been here, who knows how long they could have remained captive (or alive)?!

Duke Barradin was surprised to hear that they had been saved by the Ebon Vanguard; a group that was thought to have been lost. He then told us that the charr had become fiercer lately, which resulted in their capture. But also that a charr named Dahgar the Eye of Flame was marching to Ascalon with his warband. We all made sure they left the area safely and then made our way back to Old Ascalon to stop the assault.

Dahgar the Eye of Flame was found in a cave nearby Sardelac Sanitarium. Luckily for us, there were only a few charr at his side and the battle ended quickly.

After his death, Gwen told us that Dahgar captured her during the Searing and his face haunted her.

Gwen didn’t intend on bringing us out here to rescue Duke Barradin and kill Dahgar. She wanted to give us something special for returning that tapestry shred to her. So she led us to the ruins of Ashford. Here by her house, under a small mound of dirt was her flute. It was kept hidden here during the Searing, and she wanted us to have it as a token of our friendship. I know she was talking mostly to Elwin and Xiara at this point, but it was still a very touching moment and I’m glad they invited me here.

Before heading back to the Eye of the North with Gwen, we stopped by Piken Square to deliver the good news. Duke Barradin was waiting for us, and looked ready to jump back into action. I’m sure he is doing Ascalon a great favor by continuing to fight in the war, but how long can they last? There seems to still be a great rift between the Ascalonians that followed Rurik to Kryta and the few that still remain with their king in Ascalon. I find their situation unfortunate, because there are a great number of Ascalonian adventurers that could restore their homeland. Without them, it doesn’t seem like it will ever happen.



Friends: Elwin L., Xiara M.D.