Oct 232009

This is the one of the smallest and easiest areas to explore in Tyria. It’s also the last one within Northern Shiverpeaks.
For this area I was joined by my friend and fellow guild mate Princess L. (but I don’t think she is actually a real princess!) As soon as we entered Griffon’s Mouth (from Deldrimor Bowl), some White Mantle Seekers were fighting off two Ettins.

Narrow passageways, stalactites and stalagmites are the dominant features of Griffon’s Mouth. In these areas I encountered a fair number of Ettins.

While traveling through Griffon’s Mouth it is very easy to miss a turn and avoid this icy area. The water is not quite frozen, so I could walk knee-deep into it with ease.

I was about to search this small cave, when I noticed Princess L. was shivering.
Apparently when I told her to meet me in the Northern Shiverpeaks she underestimated the amount of clothing to wear. With this in mind we carried on to find the last Ettins of this area (but not before I teased her a bit!).

After a measly 46 foes in our way were slain, we had reached the end of Griffon’s Mouth. Just beyond this passage way is Scoundrel’s Rise: Krytan territory.

Prized spoils: Fissure of Woe scroll, one lockpick
Outposts: None
Deldrimor Bowl, Scoundrel’s Rise
Friends: Princess L.