Apr 172010

With my friends Kaileen and Claire, we sat around a campfire in Deldrimor Warcamp to discuss exploring Grenth’s Footprint. This area and its passage way into Sorrow’s Furnace are somewhat new to us, and it was decided that they would only help me for the first area. Not knowing what lay ahead of us I think it’s the best plan for success. Although funny enough the very same outpost that we are in was originally setup by the two Marshalls as a camp to explore the Shiverpeaks from, and was only recently rediscovered.

Most of the enemies we have encountered so far are either Stone Summit dwarves or their slaves. On our way out of Deldrimor Warcamp we noticed a lot of unusual constructions such as this giant claw holding a slab of rock.

Overlooking Grenth’s Footprint makes me wonder what this place looked like before the dwarves started building it up. Being a ranger I find that all these structures, especially the gears and chains, really ruin the beauty of the landscape.

Near the passage way to Snake Dance we spotted several human remains, further reinforcing my belief that I should spend plenty of time discussing tactics with my team mates before heading out into an area and engaging in battle.

The entrance to Sorrow’s Furnace was within my sights now, but I dared not go any closer today. The jagged rocks almost take on the appearance of teeth, and the glow from the furnaces within give it an evil aura.

As we walked, I glanced back at where we descended into Grenth’s Footprint from Deldrimor Warcamp. You can make out which parts of the cliff have paths you can walk up by the snowy patches.

Further on there are less dwarven structures, but still destruction to the environment such as these bunches of logs on the snowy ground.

Not to say that the entire area has been fully developed, there are still a few spots with untouched trees.

I took note of the Stone Summit’s new tactics in this area and thanked my friends Claire P., and Kaileen A. for helping me explore Grenth’s Footprint. For now I will retreat to Deldrimor Warcamp and plan my final assault on Sorrow’s Furnace over a hot cup of tea by the campfire.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items, one elementalist tome, one monk tome
Outposts: Deldrimor Warcamp
Exits: Snake Dance, Sorrow’s Furnace
Friends: Kaileen A., Claire P.