Mar 312011

During my stay in the Desolation, I encountered a few ghosts looking for help. Some might think that helping them is pretty useless, since they are no longer living. However I see it as a good opportunity to help them “move on”.

In the Shattered Ravines near the transition to Joko’s Domain, Primeval King Jahnus wanted me to kill his ungrateful slaves. Apparently his slaves refused to be buried alive along with him. I refused his request and killed the king and his royal guards instead.

Much further into that area I found Curator Ruras shouting about losing his guide, Kane, and something about Rin. I guess he still hasn’t accepted the fact that he is dead now. I offered to track down his missing guide and bring him back.

I didn’t expect to find Kane being interrogated by margonites. The demons wanted him to show them where his ghostly friends are so that they could eat their souls! I defeated the margonites and brought Kane back, but the curator scoffed at me when I mentioned the margonites because he believes that they are a myth.

Curator Ruras was impressed with my work and asked me to help him in the Poisoned Outcrops to find rare artifacts to take back to Rin.

In a pile of rocks we found a fossilized shellfish. I brought it to him, but he would not pay me until I escort him back to the Lair of the Forgotten outpost. I was rewarded with a bit of gold and an “ancient artifact”. Something that looks like the golden pillars in the desert, and is collected by certain members from the Order of Whispers at the Gate of Desolation. I’m very grateful for these rewards, but how exactly do ghosts give me physical rewards?

In the Ruptured Heart, Charen asked me to find his missing wife Kwalanah. I looked around the area, and talked to another ghost named Jehner and learned that a margonite promised to “rebirth” Kwalanah. It is obvious now that she has been tricked, and I followed Charen to the spot where the margonite Rebirther Jirath was luring Kwalanah. After Charen baited the demon, I stepped in and finished him off.

The ghost that told me about the margonite souleaters informed me as I was leaving the area that he and the other ghosts were headed into the Poisoned Outcrops. They were going to kill the other rebirthers and set the souls that they had eaten free. I really didn’t see much hope for their success on their own, so I gladly joined them in the hunt for the margonites. Along the way we freed seven souls from the margonite souleaters. Their quest ended nearby Abaddon’s statue.

In the Crystal Overlook, Shanrah wanted me to find her two missing daughters. She died during the pilgrimage and wants to know what happened to her family. Her request took me to the Arid Sea, where I found the bones of her husband. There I learned that the husband poisoned his daughters so they would not have to suffer the rest of the journey. But their souls were eaten by the Scarab Queen, and I had to slay her in order to bring the spirits back to Shanrah. As a nice bonus, I recovered a perfect staff from the queen’s corpse.

Back in the Ruptured Heart I also spoke with a ghost named Ganji. He, along with his friends, died during their pilgrimage. Even in death, he wanted me to reunite them. After I found them all, I was rewarded and told that they would try their best to make it to Augury Rock now. Of course later on I checked up on that, and they had indeed made it there! It is so nice to end this journal entry on a happy note.