Apr 042010

As I go deeper into the Southern Shiverpeaks, I find it increasingly difficult to explore while dealing with monsters and the harsh climate. This along with word of my exploits, attracted some of my guild members to help me explore Frozen Forest. And so, Cookie, Pau, Forbidden V., R.T. Sunshine, and Prom. E.T. joined me.

After quickly disposing of some Imps and Avicara, we came upon this area with familiar Dwarven architecture. It is pretty well known that Dwarves build sound structures, but that makes me wonder how long will these will last. In a thousand years, will humans have forgotten the Dwarves? Even if they have, will they still see these Dwarven structures?

Upon seeing these houses, we discussed what the Stone Summit might do in their spare time at home. Besides drinking, maybe they make a stew with all sorts of questionable meats and sing songs about great Dwarven heroes.

As with most of the open areas outside of the safety of an outpost, it is easy to encounter more than one group of foes at a time. If not for the efforts of our excellent monks, we may have fallen in battle and the Stone Summit would have put us to work as slaves!

There are many breathtaking spots throughout Tyria, but if you are a hasty adventurer it is easy to miss them.

I wish I had a powder keg to blow up this cracked stone, it looks like something interesting may lie behind it. Perhaps even a secret passage.

While my party members and myself enjoy the heat coming from the furnaces, I can’t help but feel that they ruin the scenery.

Nearby the passage to Icedome, we found a large Dwarven settlement.

An abandoned strip mine lies near the outpost of Copperhammer Mines.

With such great help and support from my friends, exploring Frozen Forest was easy. Prom E.T., R.T. Sunshine, Frobidden V., B. Pau, and Cookie are always welcome in my party!

Prized spoils: Six golden items
Outposts: Iron Mines of Moladune, Copperhammer Mines
Exits: Icedome, Ice Floe
Friends: Forbidden, Prom, Cookie, B. Pau, R.T. Sunrise