Jul 012011

At the northern edge of Jaga Moraine, there is a group of norn talking about giant wurms outside the gates of a dungeon. Their leader, Latham told me that Frostmaw killed his brothers and that I was welcome to join in their hunt. So along with the norn adventurers Kitta, Gareth, Hroth, and my mesmer friend Malory K. we entered the Depths of Tyria to seek revenge.

This “Frostmaw’s Burrows” is absolutely full of wurms. The first ones we found acted like siege weapons and threw large rocks at our party. Then others made their presence known by burrowing up to us, causing the whole party to fall over. Another one of their deadly tricks is to spit wurm bile, causing everyone to slowly loose health. If left untreated, it could wipe out your party. My previous experience with these type of wurms has taught me how to deal with this effectively. So far we’re doing much better than the fallen norn we came to avenge.

At the gate to the next level, even more wurms greeted us. The gate remained shut until we defeated these wurms. I asked Lantham how far Frostmaw has burrowed. He replied that he didn’t know and that it didn’t matter.

On the second level we met Fastulf, who was gravely injured. With his last few words, he mentioned that we should lure Frostmaw out of hiding. That sounds like a great idea to me, but I doubt I can do any luring with Latham’s friends around.

Our norn friends were not always of the greatest assistance. Charging into battle at the sight of any enemy and taking heavy injures because of it. Latham hardly took any damage, but that was only because he used a spear to attack our enemies. Not to sound too disrespectful of the dead, but Lantham and his brothers should have planned this before challenging Frostmaw. They probably should have hired some monks too. How can one expect to get far without being healed?

Again the door leading to the next level was protected by wurms.

After we defeated the wurms, I had a good look around at the level we were about to leave. With all the ground shaking cause by the wurms, I’m surprised these icicles didn’t shatter.

On the third level Malory spotted this mural of Dwayna. For some reason her face is cut off by the layout of the dungeon.

I first noticed these sorts of statues while investigating the depths beneath Kaineng City. It also reminds me of the sunspear statues in Elona. I wonder what champion it was carved after. Whoever it is, their name has been lost to history.

I didn’t expect to see gargoyle statues deep under Tyria. Malory and I agreed that these were exactly like the ones in the Echovald Forest.

Speaking of Cantha, sometimes the walls and large blocks here remind me of the Jade Sea.

Most of the third level was similar in look to the first level of Sepulchre of Dragrimmar. We fought many wurms and still encountered more at the gates to the fourth level. Moving on, we entered a large ice cave. It’s been exhausting fighting our way through the levels. I hope we find Frostmaw soon.

Nearing the end of level four, there was a bit less ice and more crystallized structures. This particular stretch was packed with enemies, and I had a difficult time luring enemies carefully with frenzied norn at my side.

Looking around the last room on the fourth level before continuing on, I noticed a small hot spring. Too bad it seemed a bit too hot to go in. I doubt my norn friends would let us take a break.

We’ve reached the fifth level. I had no idea a creature could burrow so far into the earth. Latham and the others looked a bit worn out from battle, but they still had that crazy, blood thirsty look in their eyes. I’m going to need a break soon if we still have more levels to travel.

Using the spell Light of Deldrimor, Malory and I found a lever which opened up a secret room. It obviously led to more treasure, but I couldn’t get the norn to follow us until I mentioned that it led to another path to the wurm’s lair. Unfortunately the Light of Deldrimor didn’t reveal much treasure in this secret room or in the rest of Frostmaw’s Burrows.

By killing a few young wurms we managed to enrage Frostmaw the Kinslayer. As to be expected, the norn rushed into battle and I only had a few moments to snap a photo. Such a massive wurm! I can see how it could have easily eaten poor Latham’s brothers with ease. It took a lot of effort from our monks to keep us and the norn healthy while we chipped away at it and the other wurms.

When I began this challenge I thought the norn were foolish to seek revenge against such a powerful beast. But this turned out to be a thrilling (if not exhausting) adventure.

Prized Spoils: 6 golden items, onyx gemstone, lockpicks
Outposts: None
Exits: Jaga Moraine
Friends: Malory K.