Jun 212012

An old friend of mine, Killroy Stoneskin caught my attention in Gunnar’s Hold with an interesting request. Word had reached him that Fronis Irontone (the brother of a Stone Summit fiend he’d killed in Sorrow’s Furnace) was rallying a resistance in a nearby camp. In addition to the injustices the Stone Summit have committed to the Deldrimor Dwarves, Fronis also owes Killroy money. I very reluctantly offered to help out, especially when I heard that we’d be going in alone. But after Killroy said I was a no good fighter and a coward, I had to prove him wrong!

Soon as we entered the Depths of Tyria, he handed me some brass knuckles and charged at two Stone Summit dwarves in the distance. I hastily put away my bow before gripping the brass knuckles and joining into the fray.

After all these years, Killroy hasn’t changed a bit. I first met him in Sorrow’s Furnace on a mission to kill Gulnar Irontoe, where he shouted before charging into battle. He would run around and aggravate as many Stone Summit as possible.

Today is no exception. But our quest to kill Fronis Irontoe without additional help meant that Killroy needed to take a breather between battles. He kept running into groups of enemies and then being knocked unconscious. In his own words, they “fought dirty”. That left me to fight off the remaining forces. I didn’t appreciate his recklessness, but it did give me some precious moments to take a few pictures without being punched in the face.

At times the amount of Stone Summit we fought were overwhelming, but I stayed focused and timed my attacks for the right moments.

If all the rushing around was not enough to disorient a person, the mix of lighting from the darkness of the Depths of Tyria contrasted with the blinding white snow did.

Fronis Irontoe and his ettin bodyguard awaited us at the end of the cave. I told Killroy to go for the ettin first, which he did… but only so that he could savor killing Fronis. They put up a mean fight, but without the help of all the Stone Summit that Fronis recruited, we easily flanked and knocked them out.

I was thrilled to collect my rewards out of a nearby chest. Killroy noticed that I got some dwarven ale, and graciously offered to drink it if I wasn’t “manly enough”. But after being punched and shot at all afternoon, I was eager to down the pint.


Prized Spoils: 1 golden item, dwarven ale
Outposts: Gunnar’s Hold
Exits: None
Friends: Killroy Stoneskin