Sep 182009

My good friend and native Ascalonian, Erolin is aiding me in my exploration of the Flame Temple Corridor and Dragon’s gullet today. We left from Grendich Courthouse, and trekked through Diessa Lowlands to found our way to the Flame Temple Corridor’s entry.

Upon entering we found several Ascalon Strikers. Erolin and I tried to aid them, but they were no match for the charr and quickly fell. I asked our monk if she could return life into their bodies, but she was unable to. So we buried them and prayed for the gods to watch over their remaining loved ones.

Going in deeper, we spotted even more charr around this very interesting tower. The tower is repeatedly struck by lighting and emanates a pillar of light… but what sort of magic is this? Charr? Ascalonian? From some unknown mages? I looked to my companion for clues on the subject but she did not know who originally crafted or enchanted the tower.

After clearing the temple mound of charr (which was easier said than done), I spotted this curious brazier. Erolin spoke in a solemn tone as she retold the events that took place during a quest to retrieve Althea’s Ashes.

Apparently this is the very spot where Prince Rurik’s lover, Lady Althea, was sacrificed to the charr. She was captured during the Searing and burned alive at the Charr Altar.
When we had finished discussing Althea and the Searing, we took a moment to bow our heads and remember those that lost their lives.

One last look around the flame temple before venturing into the Dragon’s Gullet.

Prized spoils: 2 ranger tomes, 1 mesmer tome.
Outposts: None
Exits: Diessa Lowlands, Dragon’s Gullet
Friends: Erolin S.