Jul 122012

Our friend Gwen has been through a lot lately, so I decided to cheer her up with the gift of a red iris flower. But my arrival couldn’t have been at a better time; she just received some reports of charr shaman caste activity in Sacnoth Valley. Her scout’s news suggested that they were meeting up to duplicate the success they had with the Searing. I agreed that whether this news was true or not, we should check it out. To increase our success, I invited along my friends Elwin and Rogoth on the journey.

Ebon Vanguards are an excellent source of information. Gwen’s scout wasn’t wrong about the charr shaman caste’s movement here. We spotted three charr Flame Shamans approaching the burning forest and hid ourselves to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Do you believe what the Shamans say is true? I know that Pyre has cast a shadow upon them. They claim that the herald of our victory will ignite the sky with a fire as fierce as our souls. It won’t be long now.

After hearing that, we ambushed them and made our way into the burning forest to stop the shamans.

Deep in the burning forest, past the flame elementals and magma ooze, we confronted Straut Flamebourne and his band of charr.

To our surprise, even though it was just one shaman, he was able to summon this huge charr effigy. We focused our efforts on killing Straut Flamebourne in the hope of at least disorienting the effigy, but it continued on attacking after his death. The effigy itself took a good while to destroy, and because Rogoth and I were so close to it, we suffered some burns.

Together we traveled with Gwen to deliver the good news to the Ebon Vanguard’s Captain Langmar. I think out of all of us, Gwen was the most pleased. She’s spent so long in fear of the charr, watching them kill her people and destroy Ascalon. It must feel so good being able to stop a possible threat from the charr shamans, like another Searing.



Friends: Elwin L., Rogoth I.