Jun 172010

Leaving from the Kurzick capital, House zu Heltzer with my friends Catfish J., Solorian D., Xia H.D., Meldon M., and Cver D, we stepped out into Ferndale. Immediately we were attacked by a group of mantids. After we finished them off, we encountered another group of them. Unfortunately we were under the umbrella of a mushroom and were caught in it’s spores, which made fighting the mantids even more difficult. As you can see, enormous mushrooms are all over ferndale.

When all the mantids were slain, I noticed these long green plants that had tiny groups of spirals at the top. I’ve heard some people use the term “fiddleheads” to describe the small spiral bits before. Some people enjoy eating them, but they are not good for you so I don’t know why anyone would bother. I guess some people love ornate vegetables.

In single file, we walked up stone stairs to find a group of dredge waiting for their next victims. Since the dredge mostly rely on physical attacks, it is easy to throw dirt in their eyes or snare them and focus all your attacks on their one monk.

Ferndale is full of houses built into the trees. I wonder if this is where most of the population resides. I would love to visit some of these houses and see how the Kurzicks live. The jade wind turned all the trees to stone in Echovald and the Kurzicks have adapted well by carving and manipulating the stone around them. The zu Heltzers are especially renown for inventing magical techniques for altering stone. They are also good at protective magic, which they use to ward themselves from the monsters of the forest. I suppose this makes sense because their patron deity is the goddess of life: Dwayna.

A loud, spine tingling shriek from a bird caught our attention as we were exploring Ferndale. I asked my companions to stand back as I went in for a closer look. Why was there a Black Moa out in the open? I turned my head to look at my friends and blanked out. When I came to, my friends explained that the bird charged and knocked me unconscious. They were able to injure the bird, which caused it to flee. I think that this encounter was lucky, because there is a rumor going around that Zho lost her eye to one of these beasts!

Tree tops of the Kurzick “houses” can look very spooky with the right lighting.

If this dredge had not spoke to us before we approached it, we would have drawn our weapons and charged into battle. Moleneaux is a leader of his people, or at least thinks he is. The more we spoke with him, the more we learned about why the dredge are in the Echovald Forest. For starters, these are a group of dredge from the Shiverpeaks that actually dug from that area to here. I can’t believe it! Did some sly Luxon sell them a map? I find it hard enough to find my way around the world without a map, but to do so underground would be impossible. However lucky they were to find the Echovald Forest, the dredge and the Kurzick humans have been at war. From what I understand the dredge are intruders and the guards attack them on sight, likewise the dredge do not trust the humans and attack them on sight as well. I tried to help Moleneaux but in the end I suggest that he pack up and find somewhere else to live.

I find it comforting to look up and see lights shining brightly from the houses here. There is so much darkness and strange noises in Ferndale, that it is nice to know that we’re not alone out here.

A simple bridge, made extravagant by finely crafted arches. The Kurzicks really seem to love adding fine details to their surroundings.

As we progressed deeper into Ferndale, we encountered less dredge and more wardens. According to the Kurzicks I have talked to, the wardens were turned aggressive by the jade wind. What I do not understand is that many collectors seek the horns of wardens for their magical properties. Doesn’t this make it hard for any “nice” wardens to trust the Kurzicks?

The long cables connecting these houses makes me think that there are some more transportation vehicles powered by wallows like I saw earlier.

Scholar Andrej from House zu Heltzer sent me on a quest to deliver the spirit essence that I recovered for him earlier. Mastersmith Rutger took the essence and said that he would be able to craft weapons that were infused with this spirit essence. Too bad he never owned up to his promise. I would love a bow made out of that stuff.

Nearby Rutger there is a sizeable door, but when I knocked no one answered.

I hadn’t noticed how much time we spent here because it’s impossible to know when the sun falls in the sky. I thanked my friends Cver, Meldon, Catfish, Solorian and Xia for helping me explore Ferndale. After everyone had left, Cver bowed and thanked me for letting him tag along. I had no idea a warrior like him could be so well spoken and polite. I suppose I have a lot to learn about my fellow adventurers!

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: House zu Heltzer, Fort Aspenwood, Lutgardis Conservatory, Saint Anjeka’s Shrine
Exits: None
Friends: Catfish J., Solorian D., Xia H.D., Meldon M., Cver D.