Sep 172009

For this expedition, I’m starting from the Ruins of Surmia. I thought about leaving from the Frontier Gate, but I really wanted to get the grawl out of the way first.
To make things easier, one of my sidekicks knew a curse known as Spinal Shivers and I used arrows enchanted with cold magic.
Anyhow, shortly after entering the Eastern Frontier I spotted a statue of Lyssa amidst patrols of grawl. The statue itself is in good condition even though the surrounding pillars are not. I wonder who takes care of these statues anyway. Perhaps they are protected by the gods themselves.

Just about everywhere you go in Ascalon you can see the Great Wall, or more accurately, what’s left of it. The wall still stands in some areas, but it does not take long to spot where the charr laid siege.

Perhaps this is as good a time as any to discuss the charr a bit. Humans and charr have been at war ever since they were first granted the use of magic from the gods. There have always been struggles for power, but until the charr tribes united, no one knew how much of a threat they could be. They even marched onto Kryta, where they were repelled by the Mursaat, and Orr, where they were stopped by the forbidden magics that destroyed that kingdom.

I came across a flag on a tree branch depicting the goddess Dwayna. Although slightly torn and faded, you can still see the fine work put into this flag.

Here are some more flags I found at the entry to an area filled with charr. The pattern on these is used on buildings as well. I am not exactly sure what they depict, but it is definitely not humanoid.

As I was killing charr, I spotted this mess! I have seen ruins and craters… but nothing like this! With so much destruction, it is amazing how people survived the Searing. No wonder absolutely everyone hates the charr!

Here is a wonderful fountain located near the previous spot. From the looks of it, Ascalonians loved griffons. I’ve yet to see any in the area, however. Note the pattern encircling the base of the fountain is the same image found on the flags from earlier. What exactly is this a depiction of anyway?

Finally, here is a what the charr camp inside the Eastern Frontier looks like. You can clearly see two flaming effigies among the wreckage. These are crude representations of their “gods.”

Prized spoils: Necromancer tome
Outposts: Frontier Gate and the Ruins of Surmia
Pockmark Flats