Feb 152010

Dry Top shares the same landscape as Ettin’s Back, and also shares many of the same monsters but with the addition of behemoths.
Adi is joining me again, and brought along her friend Paul to explore as well. I didn’t make a big fuss about preparing for this area, as I know from other adventurer’s stories that is it a small place.

These cliff dwellings are similar to the ones I have found before, but unfortunately I didn’t see any smoke coming out of the chimney.

Adi called my attention to these strange burrowed in rocks, just like the ones I first found in Sage Lands and spotted later on in Ettin’s Back! With a quick look around the area, I found seven large mounds of these. Yet I still do not have any idea as to what caused these holes to form. The only monsters I have seen in all three areas that might have done this are devourers, but like I have no proof! *sigh*

The harsh sun beats down on us, drying up our skin and leaving us more thirsty with each step. It’s times like this that I do not look forward to exploring the Crystal Desert after these last few areas of the Maguuma Jungle.

After clearing out a few centaur patrols, I spotted a tree stump in the distance.

I wonder who cut down this tree and why? It must have been a fairly large tree in life, so whoever did so must have used good tools.

To wrap up our journey and document these rocky houses some more, myself, Adi and Paul stood in front of them to show the scale of it.

Prized spoils: 1 golden item
Outposts: None
Exits: Ettin’s Back, Tangle Root
Friends: Adi, Paul