Apr 152010

Dreadnought’s Drift is a small area but packed with enemies. Knowing this, I waited a few moments when I reached the end of the passageway from Snake Dance. My patience paid off when I noticed a dozen Tundra Giants pass in front of us. If Erolin and I had continued forward we would have had to deal with those Tundra Giants and a large group of Blessed Griffons as well.

The Stone Summit seemed to have built a massive furnace here.

Further on we noticed even more furnaces and equipment that these Dwarves use. They seem to have a strong presence in Dreadnaught’s Drift.

While I was warming up at the furnaces we found earlier, Erolin traveled on and brought my attention to this fully lit ballista.

Before I left Camp Rankor for Snake Dance earlier today, Erolin mentioned that a giant snow wurm named Maw The Mountain Heart lived in Dreadnought’s Drift. What she didn’t mention was its location, so I was very surprised when I erupted from the ground in front of us. After we felled the colossal beast, Erolin had a sly grin on her face when I asked if she knew where it was the whole time.

Over a small stone wall, I found Dwarven houses and some furnaces. This must be where the Stone Summit rest at night.

Before leaving Dreadnought’s Drift for Lornar’s Pass, we paid one more visit to the statue devoted to Dwayna. The world of Tyria did not have the gods favor at the moment so instead of receiving a blessing from her avatar, Erolin prayed on our behalf to the gods for a safe journey through the Shiverpeaks.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items
Outpost: None
Exits: Snake Dance, Lornar’s Pass
Friends: Erolin