Jun 202010

Catfish, Cver, Solorian and Xia met with me in Saint Anjeka’s Shrine. This outpost was named after a woman name Anjeka who was slain by a Luxon while promoting peace between the two factions. Her death is one of many reasons why the two sides find it impossible to get along. I could tell that my friends were eager to enter battle, so I wrapped up my history lesson and walked through the shrine’s gate to Drazach Thicket.

Right away you can tell that this area is much different from the rest of the Echovald Forest. There are less large trees that block out the sun light. Instead the sky is so bright that it almost blinds you.

It wasn’t long before we reached Brauer Academy. From outside the academy I can see a statue of a man being pecked to death by birds. I know that the Brauers are renowned for their paintings and statues, but I still find it hard to appreciate this kind of “art”.

I’m beginning to miss the darkness from the previous areas. The Kurzick houses do not look as nice during daylight, because it’s harder to see the detail carved into the stone trees.

I took the opportunity to fill some empty bottles with the refreshing spring water here.

With a name like Drazach Thicket, I was hoping that more of the area would have trees. You can find some here, but it’s nothing like the Maguuma Jungle. Perhaps it looked much nicer before the jade wind hit.

Catfish cried out in frustration as one of the mantids cast a protective spell that wards of enemy magic. Luckily Cver, Xia and I were able to take it out with our weapons.

When I noticed this broken structure, at first my mind went to the canthan ministry and their lack of focus and care for maintaining buildings. I guess it is just me but their horrendous mismanagement of Kaineng City plagues my mind even when I am far away. For the Kurzicks, I am sure that they cannot begin to construct a new structure until the area is clear of monsters and their forces are not busy fighting the Luxons.

This is the first time I have seen this sort of ornate balcony on their tree houses. I must say, that it looks like a nice place to get a good view point or shoot foes at a distance with my bow.

My friends Solorian, Catfish, Cver, and Xia thought it would be a fun idea to wave at my picture taking device at the end of our adventure today. Unfortunately we couldn’t all wave in the right direction, oh well!

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: Brauer Academy, Saint Anjeka’s Shrine, the Eternal Grove
Exits: None
Friends: Catfish J., Xia H. D., Solorian D., Cver D.