Jun 232011

On my first pass through this area to reach Sifhalla, I was surprised at how massive the area seems to be. I wondered if all of these “new lands” contained areas with borders as big as this. For a while I was worried that no other adventurers would want to accompany me in the quest to explore every corner of Drakkar Lake. Luckily my friends Elwin and Xiara felt like taking on a challenge.

Right outside the gates of Sifhalla there is a large entrance into a cave system and another path that leads into open wilderness. I decided to revisit the cave before exploring the rest of Drakkar Lake.

It didn’t take us long to reach a holy norn site: the Shrine of the Wolf Spirit. I was here not long ago, to help Jora and Sif by taking the Volfen Blessing to aid in tracking the nornbear.

Jora felt responsible for her brother’s transformation into the nornbear. She was determined to end this curse. I captured a photo earlier of her slaying the nornbear. His death brought Jora a bit of closure, though she still needs to reclaim her homeland. In the meantime, she has agreed to accompany us on adventures at our request.

Not long ago, I was in the Battledepths and managed to get myself involved in a fight between the dwarves and their sinister stone summit brethren. Orozar Highstone asked me to eliminate all of the stone summit in Drakkar Lake to avenge his brother Ural Highstone, who died during that conflict. I don’t think Orozar bothered to mention how big this stone summit encampment was, but I would have accepted the job anyway. By fighting small groups and focusing on killing their healers first, we made short work of the stone summit. The victory won’t bring Ural back, but Orozar should sleep a bit better tonight.

Moving along, I further explored of the large cave we were in. Some of the passages were icy while others were quite rocky.

On my way out of the cave, I spotted a group of white moas running away from us. I’ve often thought about taking a pet along with me on these trips, but they always get in the way of my photo taking.

We spotted a graveyard and thought we would take a look. As we approached, vaettirs rose up and attacked us. Who would expect that paying respect to the dead would be such a big ordeal?

Not far from the graveyard, two dwarven miners were busy working away at this wall. Budger Blackpowder was also nearby. He offered to supply us with all of the dwarven powder kegs we wanted for 100 gold. I kindly refused his offer, since I figured that we might just end up harming ourselves in the process and make the exploration take longer.

At long last, Drakkar Lake was in our sights. Even better though, was the sight of Koren Wildrunner. Back in Sifhalla, I’d accepted Sif Shadowhunter’s challenge to track down and defeat three vicious beasts. This mighty centaur was one of them, and we rushed into battle before he had a chance to gallop away.

We made a bit too much noise in the process and attracted the attention of many chilling whisps. Near the end of the lake, we noticed that one of the chilling whisps was a bit larger. This was Myish, Lady of the Lake; one of the foes Sif challenged us to slay. Fighting on the frozen lake is a bit difficult because we had to move carefully on the ice. We focused our attacks on one enemy at a time, so the battle went by quickly enough.

Now that the frozen lake was clear of foes, I finally got a decent look at the dragon beneath it. I wonder if such a beast can survive like that, or if it is even friendly at all. Elwin, ever pessimistic laughed and figured it would rather eat us than join forces.

Another look at the dragon from a different angle.

Xiara, Elwin and I spent so much time talking about their homeland in Tyria that the vaettirs living inside this norn building took us by surprise. Why couldn’t there be a few norn inside with some good stories to tell? Why does it always have to be a monster that jumps out and spooks you?

While Xiara and Elwin kept talking about Surmia, I followed a cute little white rabbit into it’s “rabbit hole”.

Yeah, what a surprise. More vaettirs! The bunny lured me in and then dozens of vaettirs appeared. I had little time to run out of the rabbit hole, and my friends were shocked at this sight. It felt good firing arrows into their wicked shadow bodies. At the base of the tree in the rabbit hole was Nulfastu, Earthbound; the last of Sif’s challenges. With its death, I wondered what else Sif will have me go after next. Hopefully it won’t involve more vaettirs!

Looking around the rabbit hole, we found some strange crystals that floated off the ground. The little lake surrounding the tree also looked a bit strange. It glowed and shined in a way that water shouldn’t. For our health, we didn’t dare try drinking from it.

Out of the rabbit hole, I looked up at the sky. The tall mountains of the Far Shiverpeaks dwarf the skyscape.

After a very long afternoon of fighting through monsters to explore Drakkar Lake, we rested next to a campfire prepared by a norn named Hogni Truthseeker. By this time, I’m sure Xiara was happy to warm up since she didn’t wear much clothing. It’s funny what female elementalists will put up with in the name of fashion!

Prized Spoils: 1 golden item, elite mesmer tome
Outposts: Sifhalla
Exits: Norrhart Domains, Varajar Fells, Sepulchre of Dragrimmar
Friends: Elwin L., Xiara M. D.