Sep 182009

Immediately after exploring Flame Temple Corridor, I continued on into Dragon’s Gullet with my friend Erolin.
This area is only accessible by going through Diessa Lowland and then Flame Temple Corridor. I wonder what this used to be like before the Searing? Was there a city, small town, or a temple?
Here we can see several hydra amidst a partially submerged mural of the goddess Dwayna. And as you can tell, this area has a lot of tar pools.

A mostly submerged section of wall.

Now here is something very interesting: the land takes on a green hue and plants can be found. Perhaps Ascalon recovering or maybe is this the work of strange magic.

We came across these huge bones on our journey. Is this all that remains of the fabled Giganticus Lupicus from ancient times? You can see these giant bones across Tyria and in the Elona desert. Not much is really known about them, mostly due to the fact that they went extinct around 10,000 years ago (supposedly).

A ruined structure with a stained glass window still intact! How did it withstand the assault?

The exploration of Dragon’s Gullet was quite easy, but took a long time due to all the tar. Unfortunately my friend Erolin refused to continue exploring with me so long as I goto areas with tar. I can’t really blame her.

Prized spoils: 5 golden items.
Outposts: None
Exits: Flame Temple Corridor
Friends: Erolin S.