Apr 182011

The gate portals from which we emerge always take on a different appearance once we’re in the explorable domain areas. Our path back to the Gate of Secrets has a strange looking bridge. Its design reminds me of the building in Lornar’s Pass that is Grenth’s temple. My friend Rajas was just as confused as I was.

When I called to my friend, I noticed that he was staring at the Atrocity Library. We didn’t speak about it, but the thought of uncovering Abaddon’s written knowledge preoccupied our minds. Unfortunately I doubt it will be of any assistance. Surely Abaddon is not foolish enough to leave something so valuable to prying eyes.

Inside the library I found some cages meant to hold humanoids. I wondered who had been held here before, and what they did to them.

Exploring the library was difficult due to the amount of margonites and monoliths we encountered. It is easy to draw the attention of multiple groups, forcing us to fallback and spend time recovering.

There are a lot of purple obelisks with writing that slowly flows down the sides. Even though the structure itself is different, the writing is similar to what we found in the Halls of Chokhin. Rajas and I still couldn’t read it. Perhaps we need a special lens or spell to decode it.

I looked back at the Atrocity Library as we moved on to explore the rest of the area.

I’ve never seen anything like these before. What purpose does a floating obelisk serve? Any one could get up there by using a ladder or tying rope around one of the tendrils and climbing up.

Wrapping up our tour of the Domain of Secrets, I looked into some quests I had taken on. First, we tracked and confronted a ghost that had tricked me into an ambush earlier. It transformed into a demon and admitted that it, Razakel was responsible for corrupting Vizier Khilbron. Just like with the fortune teller, I took great pride in slaying the demon.

Lastly, we met up with a charr named Scorch Emberspire on a mission to seek answers from his “gods” the titans. It was strange to not be attacked on sight, and out of curiosity we followed him. Not surprisingly the titan lord Ignis Cruor revealed that they simply used the charr to carry out Abaddon’s will. Infuriated by this revelation, Scorch attacked the titan for misleading his people and causing their needless deaths. After the battle, we agreed to help track down and kill an additional two titan lords. Even Scorch himself admitted it would not do much good, but he wanted revenge.

His journey made me wonder how the charr back in Ascalon are doing. If I get a chance to meet some again, I will be sure to retell Scorch Emberspire’s story to them. My adventures with Ascalonians have made me distrust the charr, but even I feel sorry for what the titans have done to them.

Prized Spoils: 1 golden item
Outposts: Gate of Secrets, Gate of Madness
Exits: None
Friends: Rajas I.