Apr 082011

Abaddon’s prison, the Realm of Torment always provides us with strange experiences. I would never imagine exploring an area so disgusting and… fleshy!

Kormir led us to the Gate of Pain where we encountered some ghosts. One of them was Dunkoro’s son. He pleaded with us to continue on and bring an end to Abaddon. Soon, we overheard a conversation that the Undead Lich and an Emissary of Dhuum were having and found out that the river of souls was being dammed up by the “soulweir”. After defeating all of the torture webs, we freed some lost souls and broke down the soulweir. At that moment I expected my two friends Dunkoro and Kormir to rejoice at our accomplishment, but the spearmarshal revealed something horrible to us. Back on Istan, she was the one that originally found the demonic inscriptions, read the words of the Apocrypha and awakened it! If I’m not mistaken, that is where the corruption began. Is Kormir truly to blame for Nightfall or would someone else have set off the chain reaction in her place? The revelation made me feel quite ill, and unwilling to keep traveling with Kormir.

A few hours passed, and I spoke to my friend Rajas about today’s progress. I was going to fully explore this place anyway, but the recent happenings have given me a keen interest in this place. Even as we walked out from the Gate of Fear, we noticed some dark statues. There are six in total, and they just seem to be ordinary statues of Balthazar. Rajas mentioned that it might have to do with the god’s evil half-twin brother Menzies.

The small dark room with the statues, leads out into the fleshy area known as the Domain of Pain. Walking down the stairs, we got a good view of where the soulweir broke. The souls we freed were kind enough to form a little bridge back to the main area where we fought the tortureweb dryders.

Everything seems to be made out of flesh, teeth, and strange bodily things Abaddon has dreamt up. If that were not enough to creep me out, I hear squishy and throbbing noises as we move along. Those noises seem quiet at first, and then gradually get louder before calming down. What an amazing (and terrifying) experience! This is what nightmares are made out of.

It is a strange feeling to look up at the moon and come to realize that it is just an image. If we’re in the Realm of Torment, I can’t imagine that this is the same moon Tyrian’s see. As a ranger, I feel so out of place in this unnatural world. There is no nature to commune with. The only divine presence to be found here is cold and hateful.

We were surprised to see such a large ribcage here. As this realm is not actually “real”, I found it hard to believe that this was based on any living creature. If it were, I can’t imagine the scale of it. As you can see from my picture, the tiny speck at the end of the ribcage is Rajas! And at his side, another ribcage was found. While traveling through both of them, I noticed what appeared to be big mucus sacks attached to the ribcage. Rajas and I were curious to see what happens when we touch it, but didn’t, out of fear that we’d never be able to get it off our armor.

The Realm of Torment has a lot of strange looking things that remind me of insects or spiders. I would be very disturbed if this large thing, stood up and started flinging spells at us like an ordinary terrorweb.

Well, I no longer have to worry where Saevio Proelium has wandered off to. When the Order of Whispers asked me to investigate his tomb, I found that a bunch of margonites freed him. Even after I defeated many of them, the titan was no where to be found. Today I made sure that when I defeated the titan, that it stayed dead. Placing a spirit of frozen soil in a well hidden spot will prevent any of his friends from resurrecting the titan anytime soon.

While Rajas took a break to rest, I stood on a fleshy ledge and looked down at the river of souls. It is mesmerizing to watch them move along as a “river”.

An unlocked treasure chest was a welcome sight, but I wonder who put it here. Is it just a box filled with loot the margonites had to stash quickly? Rajas and I each took one golden item and a few platinum coins from the chest and moved on.

The structure in the center of this non-fleshy area looks like a city. It would be interesting to hide somewhere nearby and see how the monsters of this area live. Sure they’re pure evil, but they must have interesting conversations when no one is around. They can’t just be wandering around all day quietly plotting my demise!

We found a wandering soul nearby this entrance to the “leech tunnels”. He asked us to kill the flesh gluttons that ate his memories. The battles were not difficult, and the flesh gluttons were similar to the titan abominations we’ve fought in the Realm of Torment so far. But the wandering soul had some interesting things to say along the way. Apparently he is from Orr, and that he found that the Vizier had been corrupted by Abaddon. I’m not sure it matters to anyone whether the Vizier was corrupted or openly accepted Abaddon, but it does raise some worrying questions about Kormir. She doesn’t seem to be fully corrupted, but will she become another one of the god’s puppets when we need her the most?

After we helped Jutu, the wandering soul recover some memories throughout this hallway, he asked us for more help. Now he wanted us to save more Orrian ghosts from the flesh gluttons, this also helps them recover lost memories.

Rajas and I rescued three spirits in total. We didn’t learn anything from them, but they all seemed eager to take revenge on Vizier Khilbron, now known just as the Undead Lich. It felt nice to do this good deed, and I ended the exploration feeling much better.

Prized Spoils: 1 golden item
Outposts: Gate of Pain, Gate of Fear
Exits: None
Friends: Rajas I.