Mar 082010

I’ve finally made my way to the last area in the Crystal Desert that I can fully explore. Leaving from the outpost of Elona Reach, I set out into Diviner’s Ascent with my two friends Erolin and Nox. The first thing I noticed was the long stretches of sand and hardly any monsters. It gives the impression that survival is difficult here.

Not far from where we started I found one bleached bone with a journal entry, and another one near the passage to Skyward Reach.

“I have walked for three days without food, two without water. I can no longer remember what it was I thought to accomplish coming into this gods-forsaken place, only that my pride has cost me everything I loved, and will ultimately cost my life. My skin is burned; my lips are cracked and have adhered to my teeth, so that I can no longer close my mouth. My eyes are but two pebbles that scrape against my eyelids when I blink. Today I close them for good. To whomever reads this: leave the desert and go back to your home. Nothing you left behind can be more deadly than this place.”

“There are remnants here of others who came before. I can only hope they were the Elonians. The ghostly figure we’ve been following around the desert has assured us he will meet us in Elona Reach. But the dunes here all look alike. We’ve been searching for this place for days. Though the wind blows away our footprints, I’m beginning to think we’re walking in circles.”

Nox pointed out this huge patch of land covered with bones. I guess that is the sort of thing that would catch a necromancer’s eye.

Collector of items, Cinder Linnwood was found in the middle of a “camp”. Perhaps she met her demise here.

I didn’t notice this small dust devil right away. Although I am thankful it is just a little one, I can’t imagine being swept up in a large cyclone.

There seems to be a large amount of ornate pillars here. Erolin suggested that this may be where a holy ritual or plea to the gods was staged.

There seems to be a large amount of ornate pillars here. Erolin suggested that this may be where a holy ritual or plea to the gods was staged.

More giant bones littering the landscape. Sometimes I wonder if the gods just put them here for decoration. I have a hard time imagining what these creatures might have looked like in life.

We were all very thankful to have finished exploring Diviner’s Ascent! It has been very exhausting walk around the desert. I have to keep a lot of water in my backpack and in my hired help’s bags as well. So it can slow us down and make the heat of the sun seem even more grueling. Normally I would want to celebrate fully exploring a region by treating my friends to a feast nearby, but due to the nature of this area I invited them to have a round of ales on me at Droknar’s Forge.


Prized spoils: Two golden items, one elite necromancer tome
Outposts: Elona Reach
Exits: Skyward Reach, Salt Flats
Friends: Erolin, Nox