Sep 182009

Before departing from Grendich Courthouse, I made sure that I was fully prepared for what lay waiting for me in the Diessa Lowlands. You see, I have heard a lot bad things about this area. First of all it is a huge area, and on top of that it is filled with hundreds of hostile creatures. Secondly, it is very easy to be spotted by multiple patrolling enemies at once.
After finding out what sort of monsters I will be fighting and their general tactics, I setup my own plans on how to fight them and set out into the Diessa Lowlands.

Just when I thought things were under control, I spotted multiple groups of charr clustered in one area. My eyes widened and my heart sunk… How was I supposed to defeat them all?! I quickly stepped back into a cleared area where I discussed the situation over with my sidekicks. Since an all out assault would be suicide, the best option would be to carefully draw them from the start of the bridge. Not an easy task, and several of my sidekicks fell and had to be aided in order to continue on. One by one, the charr fell and after blood was shed on both sides, their leaders were slain!

After slaying every charr in that group, I inspected their camp. It was littered with bones of all sorts… not just humans.

Working my way through the Diessa Lowlands I found this ‘nice’ view by some charr, devourers, and gargoyles. I really cannot wait to be done exploring Ascalon because the landscape is so depressing. I can’t imagine having to grow up here, it makes me really miss my home land of Cantha.

Here is the famed Historical Monument of Nolani, marking the spot where the city of Nolani was founded. Nearby this monument you can still visit the small outpost of the Nolani Academy.

Not far from the Nolani monument is this impressive magical obelisk, just like the one found in the Nolani Academy. I wonder how it was crafted. What magics were used? Why is it in such good condition?

Nearby the obelisks I found several flags attached to posts, with depictions of the Tyrian continent. It’s certainly not the best map I have ever seen, but interesting nonetheless.

After walking around, slaying enemies, back tracking… and killing even more enemies… I had vanquished the Diessa Lowlands! It felt so good to be done with this area. At the request of my sidekicks, we took a well deserved break before going onto other areas.

Prized spoils: 2 golden items (one of them is a perfect long sword), 2 lockpicks, and lots of grog.
Outposts: Grendich Courthouse and Nolani Academy
The Breach, Flame Temple Corridor, Ascalon Foothills