Apr 242011

As Rajas, Kaden and I entered the Depths of Madness I could tell that our stay in this twisted realm was soon coming to an end. With the progress made here earlier, the only option left is to confront Abaddon. Knowing that, exploring this area for a few hours felt nice. The area itself is like walking through a living nightmare, but I savored these last hours before the big battle.

Outside of Abaddon’s Gate, it’s hard to miss all of the rocky heads with mouths wide open, seeming to scream out at us. But they don’t; it’s just another rocky feature of the Realm of Torment. Somehow that just makes it all the more creepy, especially with the blood red sun above them.

Walking along, exploring the area and fighting Abaddon’s minions, even more rocky heads were found. By now, it was hard to escape the dark visions we’ve all had as we got closer to Abaddon. But the reminder that our world could look like this if we failed renewed our commitment to do what we can and stop Abaddon.

We then reached the open archway leading into the Temple of the Gods. Here, Abaddon had set the Undead Lich and Shiro Tagachi against us. It was a difficult battle which we would have lost, if not for the careful planning and tactics agreed on earlier.

Rocky heads, with glowing eyes and mouths wide open letting out tendrils caught our attention. During the previous day when we fought Shiro and the Lich, I didn’t have time to look up and take note of their presence.

This temple has six shrines: Balthazar, Dwayna, Lyssa, Grenth, Melandru, and Abaddon. When we entered the shrines of the benevolent gods and took a moment to call out for their help, they empowered us. After we’d defeated Shiro and the Lich, the gods spoke with us and told Kormir that she had to make a choice only a mortal could. I felt honored to be in their presence, but they were not going to help us during the battle with Abaddon, saying that we all possess their “virtues” already. Is it so wrong to feel disappointed?

Where Rajas, Kaden and I were standing presently used to be the spot of an inscription at Abaddon’s shrine. It was here we learned about how Jadoth called out to Abaddon while being chased by the Forgotten armies on the Crystal Sea and became the first Margonite.

Leaving the temple grounds, we noticed that the portals we closed earlier had reappeared. We tried to close them again by defeating all of our enemies, but it didn’t work. I didn’t see much point in waiting around to find out what other monsters came out of them, so we moved on.

A deep pit, with rocky faces spewing out some sort of liquid. It reminded me of the sewers in Kaineng City.

We reached what looks like a city as our final destination. Here, we fought some of Menzie’s shadow army, Margonites, and one of their leaders Topo the Protector. After the battle I thanked Rajas and Kaden for helping me explore the Depths of Madness. We left the area and rested up before the difficult battle against Abaddon.

Prized Spoils: 4 golden items
Outposts: Gate of Madness, Abaddon’s Gate
Exits: None
Friends: Rajas I., Kaden A.