Oct 192009

This will be the last area for a while with Dwarven architecture, until I get to the Southern Shiverpeaks. That being said, there really is not a whole lot of that here.
Deldrimor Bowl is mostly populated with Centaurs, the same variety that I first noticed in Traveler’s Vale. Unfortunately I do not know very much about these Shiverpeak Centaur’s culture or language.
Leaving from Beacon’s Perch with my friend (and fellow guild mate) we found some Ascalonian Refugees on their way to Kryta. Of course the refugees wouldn’t have made it this far without the help of Prince Rurik. He guided Ascalonians through the Frost Gate. It cost Prince Rurik’s life, but his sacrifice ensured a safe passage through the Shiverpeaks.

We cleared a path for the refugees and arrived at the entrance to a cave that leads to Griffon’s Mouth.

Here we see the refugees heading into Griffon’s Mouth and on their way to Kryta. I tried to speak to some of them but they just ignored me! Even Richter tried to get a word in, but they just walked past us.

A grand Dwarven fort, and I couldn’t even capture the entire length of it in one photo!

I didn’t think twice about hopping into this hot spring when I first spotted it. Richter declined my invitation to warm up in the spring. Perhaps he didn’t have a swim suit? Or maybe he was just too nervous.
Unfortunately we were not done exploring Deldrimor Bowl yet, so I couldn’t stay in as long as I would have liked.

This is what most of Deldrimor Bowl looks like: snowy and peaceful.

At the end of our journey we found a load of discarded ore and a small fortified Stone Summit structure. It doesn’t look like whoever built/managed this could stay very long.
Maybe Centaurs and Dwarves do not get along very well. I would love to ask either race about their opinions but Centaurs are too aggressive and most Dwarves do not want to talk to adventurers.

Prized spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: Beacon’s Perch
Anvil Rock, Griffon’s Mouth
Friends: Richter E.