Nov 142010

Ahhh, the Dejarin Estate. I’ve had quite a few adventures here, and only now do I have the time to fully explore it. Earlier I helped Zhed Shadowhoof free his fellow centaurs from their Kournan military captors. We assaulted their fortress on our way out. That was Zhed’s idea, not mine!
Later on, I helped Zudash Dejarin towards reclaiming his estate (this place). During that quest, I found out that Koss is Mr. Dejarin’s son. So in the process of reclaiming the estate, I also mended their troubled relationship. Perhaps in the future I will write more about that, but for now I am going to talk about the area itself.

Elwin and Ikk have joined me once again in Kourna to aid me in my exploration. It is wonderful having two elementalists at my side. Not only can they cast powerful magics, but they are also a great source of information. Don’t let a cute female elementalist’s looks fool you; she is a total bookworm!

A large landmass caught our attention when we entered the area. Sometimes with all of the fighting going on around us, I often forget about Kourna’s natural beauty.

I picked an awful time to explore Dejarin Estate today. Elona’s “golden sun” kept blinding us.

We encountered a lot of heket (“frog men”) on the eastern edge of the Dejarin Estate. I find these monsters quite interesting. Unfortunately they are too aggressive to communicate with in any way.

Some noises beyond the eastern edge drew our attention. Even though my elementalist friends are a great source of knowledge, none of them know anything about the unmapped areas to the east of Kourna. Surely there is something out there, and it annoys me that I can’t just go out and explore those areas.

There is that blasted bright sun again. It got in our eyes just as a group of Kournans on this bridge rushed towards us.

The estate grounds have several windmills and irrigation pipes.

This same pattern was found on much of the large stones and buildings around the estate. Is it depicting nightfall?

Koss was pleased to speak with the workers tending his father’s field.

Of course it would be an insult if Koss didn’t stop by and say hello to his sister Ailonseh while he was here.

From there we moved onto the Kournan military’s base on the estate and fought with the Acolyte of Dwayna. With our experience taking down these acolytes, this one didn’t prove to be difficult at all. Sometimes I wish I could just storm Jahai with a small group of “pro” adventurers. Unfortunately that will never happen. I’m forced to deal with Varesh in a more diplomatic and careful manner. Bah!

To celebrate our defeat of the acolyte and the Kournan troops, we danced in front of their burning headquarters. Afterwards I thanked Ikk and Elwin for their help once again.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: Kodonur Crossroads, Pogahn Passage, Camp Hojanu
Exits: None
Friends: Elwin L., Ikk D. E.