Jul 042011

At Volsung’s Stead, Malory and I talked with Kolgrim Bainright and Einarr Frostcleft about their jotun problem. Well, more like I interrupted their arguing over who was more worthy to slay the great jotun. I don’t think they trusted our group to get far, but at least we’d clear a path for them.

Along with our new norn friends, we entered the jotun’s home; Darkrime Delves. This first level is very icy, and before I could admire its beauty a jotun hurled a giant snowball at our party. It moves slowly, and it is loud enough to hear, so its easy to avoid its path.

Not only do the norn have problems with the jotun, but so do the Stone Summit. A few times we found them fighting each other, later on we only saw corpses.

Progressing through the icy cave, I heard and then spotted this waterfall.

This was the first of many Havok-kin we encountered in the icy depths. They’re tougher than regular jotun, but not the great jotun that we were after.

Why are there so many nests filled with bones in here? I find it hard to believe that jotun build nests.

With the amount of traps around, I doubt our norn friends would have gotten very far. Even the dungeon key needed to progress to the second level was trapped with icy jets.

Fighting our way through vaettir, dryders, drakes and of course jotun we arrived on the second level. Arriving at what looks like a dead end, another Havok-kin broke through a cracked wall and charged at us. With Malory at my side, our enemies seemed more like playthings than actual threats. With just a few mesmer spells, even the mightest jotun can be brought down.

I was not impressed at the sights of this dungeon until now. We turned a corner and found these massive homesteads. It almost looks like norn architecture, but I’m not sure so many of them would want to live in such close proximity to each other.

Deeper into the second level, there is a large furnace. It felt nice to walk along the edge just to warm up a bit.

Same structure, but a looking up at the ceiling.

This level’s dungeon key was held by a jotun named Grelk Icelash who resided in a lair full of other jotun. I slowly luree out the joun in small groups, which angered our norn friends. They wanted to charge in, but were content to stay back and belittle me.

Over the cliff Grelk was standing on is a small set of waterfalls.

Before leaving, I had a look around the passageway to the third level. Here we found abandoned tracks and equipment used for transporting ore and other useful minerals for the dwarves.

It seems appropriate that large creatures such as the jotun have settled in such large icy caves. After fighting the initial jotun we met at the entrance, I discovered a secret room by using my Light of Deldrimor spell.

And when we entered that secret room our norn friends let out a mighty roar. They were delighted to see all these norn flags on display and a warm campfire to get drunk at. Although the sight delighted them, they still wanted to see if a puny human such as myself could kill the great jotun.

Like with Grelk Icelash’s lair, I lured a few jotun groups at a time and then took on their leader. The great jotun’s name was Havok Soulwail, and it was easy to spot him from a distance because he towered over the other jotun. His stature meant nothing to us; with a few mesmer hexes and arrows to his exposed flesh, he came tumbling down like the rest of his friends.

Jora, who had also accompanied us on this adventure, took this moment to point out that humans are worthy allies. Kolgrin and Einarr conceded that we were mighty, but they were still mightier! If you hadn’t dealt with norn before, this sort of gesture would be an insult, however for me it’s just another day with the norn. Malory and I took our treasure and headed back to the warmth of our guild hall.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: None
Exits: Bjora Marches
Friends: Malory K.