Jul 282011

Deep into charr territory, we continued to help Pyre in order to find the missing Ebon Vanguards. By freeing his warband and learning how to use siege devourers, we’ve gained valuable allies against the upcoming assault on the stronghold. While the final preparations for battle are being worked on, Elwin, Elena and I set out from Doomlore Shrine to explore the Dalada Uplands.

My view of the landscape was interrupted when an assassin named Vael rushed up to greet us. I’m not one to turn down help, but I have a feeling this guy is more trouble than he’s worth.

We set out from Doomlore Shrine, a place once controlled by the charr shaman caste. Pyre’s warband now uses it as a base for their operations, and of course we’re welcome there as well. It’s always nice to have a safe place to rest in charr territory.

There are a few charr camps throughout Dalada Uplands. They’re probably meant to keep watch over the area, or even to place troublesome charr away from each other. Like Doomlore Shrine, the architecture here features massive helmets. I’ve never seen anything like this, even at charr camps in Ascalon.

Another charr camp had unmarked parchment on a table. Before I could search around for anything else interesting, Vael rushed into a group of charr rangers and we had to come to his aid.

I don’t usually focus too hard on where my party members are, but I had to watch Vael like a hawk. I’ve never met anyone so enthusiastic about getting into battle, falling in battle and then looking for another fight. In the forest near Doomlore Shrine, I had to wait after each encounter with the mantids to make sure they weren’t just playing dead, as they tend to do. Meanwhile Vael was already scouting out more groups of mantids.

After the forest was clear, I finally got a good look at it untouched splendor. Elena noted that there were a lot of red iris flowers here just like in Ascalon before the Searing. The Charr Homelands are so beautiful, it is kind of hard for me to believe that the charr would destroy Ascalon if it looks anything like this. Then again, their worship of the titans is probably more than enough to explain it.

To the south of the forest is a large open field. Its beauty led me to drop my guard and lose track of Vael’s location.

That is when a massive devourer, known as Molotov Rocktail appeared out of nowhere and assaulted us. He was even capable of using a siege attack like the siege devourers that the charr use.

Heading south-west, we got a better look at the same spiny ridge from Grothmar Wardowns. The water here is shallow, so we were able to get closer to it.

The environment here is so beautiful, I’d like to think that Melandru herself has blessed this part of the world. I love the scent of the flowers all around me, the sound of the cool breeze shaking the tree leaves, and the sight of colorful butterflies.

After Vael pulled me away from a pink butterfly, we came across this cave filled with stone elementals.

Inside, there is a small ray of sunlight feeding a patch of vegetation.

Wrapping up my exploration of the area, we decided to spend the rest of our time sitting by a small lake. It’s not often during these troubled times that we’re able to enjoy a moment like this to ourselves. I felt like chatting about the Ebon Vanguards, the charr, the dwarves and the destroyers, but I decided to just shut up and relax for once. Elwin and Elena seemed to feel the same way, and we sat there quietly soaking in the serenity until it was time to join the assault on the stronghold.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: Doomlore Shrine
Exits: Grothmar Wardowns, Sacnoth Valley
Friends: Elwin L., Elena D.