Mar 222011

Crystal Overlook is a remote section of the Desolation. You need to go through The Ruptured Heart or the Alkali Pan just to reach it. I chose to travel through The Ruptured Heart. I really like traveling to these remote locations. I think it is a pity that few people are willing to travel too far from outposts. My good friend Rajas decided to come with me today and explore the Crystal Overlook.

Once inside the area, I noticed jagged rocks with light pulsating in them. There was the familiar green light I’ve seen in the Alkali Pan before, and also an orange-red light.

We had to fight through a few groups of djinn, monoliths, and giants to reach an abandoned settlement. It is inhabited by ghosts who only managed to get this far on their long pilgrimage to Augury Rock with Turai Ossa. I have come across a few of these ghosts in the Desolation so far. On Rajas’ request, I think I will make an entry just about these ghosts I’ve helped that are all over this region.

I approached the graveyard to look at the names and dates on the tombstones when a skeleton rose up and attacked us. After the battle, the figure in the background took my mind off the tombstones. Is this really the same statue that is in the Arid Sea?

Moving on, the statue of the female warrior kept demanding our attention. Her appearance dominates the view outward into the Arid Sea.

A Forgotten Guardian protects the portal leading into the Arid Sea. He prevents travelers that are unfamiliar with the dangers that lie ahead. I was allowed access, but Rajas has never been to the Crystal Desert before and was denied.

With still more than half of the area unexplored, we moved on. Eventually we reached a stretch of sulfurous haze where I spotted something interesting. There are some towers and what looks like a cauldron that the charr are known to use. Perhaps it is just a popular design, and even Palawa Joko has use for a huge torch.

Even stranger, we found Zehtuka’s Great Horn when we investigated the cauldron. I’ve heard that more of his possessions can be found in the Desolation, but I have not had much luck finding them. I first met the Great Zehtuka in Jahai Bluffs, and again during the Festival of Lyss. I wonder how his stuff got here. Maybe he knows how to command junundu wurms.

Even in such a desolate place, I still find the sights enjoyable.

On the archway that marks the transition from the Crystal Overlook to the Alkali Pan, I noticed some strange markings. They remind me of my time in the Tomb of Primeval Kings.

With my exploration completed, I thanked my friend Rajas for coming, and we parted ways. Rajas told me that he was walking back to the Forgotten Guardian to try and sneak past him and get into the portal. I didn’t stick around in case he embarrassed himself.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: None
Exits: The Alkali Pan, The Ruptured Heart, The Arid Sea
Friends: Rajas I.