May 222010

Bounty hunting has renewed my interest in “revisiting Kryta”, and I enlisted the help of my friend N. Squirrel to investigate North Kryta Province with me. At first Shadow joined our party to help us defeat the White Mantle and Peacekeepers in this area. Then a man named Courier Falken suddenly appeared and ran ahead of us. I noticed his Shining Blade uniform and rushed to his side. In a matter of seconds we were in a battle. Since “courier” is in his name, it’s obvious that he must deliver news and goods to our allies.

We followed him to the sign post that separates North Kryta Province with Nebo Terrace. To my surprise he gave us 500 gold and 10 War Supplies for helping him reach this destination. Earlier that day, when hunting for Insatiable Vakar I received a similar reward from Princess Salma. Helping Falken is fairly simple, but you must follow him.

Lieutenant Thackeray accompanied us on our next patrol. Leaving from Bergen Hot Springs, we encountered Courier Falken again. We traveled from the hot springs to Beetletun, battling more Tengu than White Mantle on the way. This time the reward was 1000 gold and 12 War Supplies. I’m beginning to like this guy!

I searched outside of Beetletun in the Watchtower Coast but could not find Falken. N. Squirrel suggested that we may have missed him. When we left from the outpost of Divinity Coast, Courier Falken appeared before us along with one of the Ebon Falcons: Nola Sheppard. I have yet to meet all of the Ebon Falcons, this particular Necromancer in their group is a minion master and can summon a Ebon Vanguard Assassin named Rigo Bolan in battle to help us. Fighting through the Watchtower Coast took us to the outpost of Beetletun, our reward was 1000 gold and 12 War Supplies again.

~ 1079 A.E.
Friends: N. Squirrel