Sep 222010

It is time for me to move on and leave Istan. Unfortunately when I arrive in Kourna, I doubt anyone will greet me with open arms. After the recent events here, Kormir is set on starting a war with Kourna. The Elonian adventurers who did all the hard work before I arrived, found out that the corsairs were paid by the Kournans to start trouble here. Even more important is the revelation that Varesh Ossa is behind the evil forces found in Jokanur Diggings. Then our ally Tahlkora found out that Varesh and her general were conspiring to bring about “Nightfall”.
All I can do is lend my support to Kormir and the sunspears. So I made my way to the Istani Consulate before heading off to Gandara in Kourna to bring Varesh down.

I spoke with Elder Suhl, who heads the Council of Elders. He did not feel comfortable voicing his opinions on Varesh or the war. Somehow after that we got on the topic of tourism, and how I should lend my talents to boosting it. What am I supposed to say to prospective visitors? “Come visit Istan! Maybe the corsairs won’t rob you blind and kill your family!”

Leaving the Consulate and on my way to the docks, I looked back at Kamadan.

It’s finally time to say good bye to Istan, and to begin exploring Kourna. I hope nothing horrible happens on my trip. (Wait did I just jinx myself?)