Jul 252010

On a particularly hot day I waited patiently in Champion’s Dawn for my friends. No one showed up so I can only imagine that they were preoccupied with keeping themselves cool. I have experienced the different extremes of temperature in Tyria, the Southern Shiverpeaks and the Crystal Desert. Putting up with one scorching day does not feel so bad when you have plenty of water (and henchmen willing to carry it!) Even though I am not receiving any help from adventurers, Dunkoro is still at my side to help me explore Istan.

To the south of where I started, I found a small swampy area. Just the sort of place where a family of skale would want to live.

To the north, there is a sizeable village nearby the passage to Zehlon Reach. The Istani commoners were deeply interested in my motives for being here. Usually people get to where they need to go quickly and do not speak with the locals. They insisted that I stay awhile and chat with them. I took this opportunity to talk about my journal and read aloud my entry on the Plains of Jarin. When that was finished, they insisted that I speak of the great monsters I’ve slain. They didn’t flinch when I mentioned giant wurms and undead dragons, but gasped out loud when I got to the Iron Forgeman: an enormous construct powered by three flame djinn. My stories entertained them, but they did not want to keep such an important adventurer from her duties. I thanked them and carried on with my exploration of this area.

This statue of a brave sunspear looking down upon the land looks so graceful.

Nearby the outpost for Blacktide Den, rinkhal monitors hide in the shade of trees, waiting to attack unsuspecting victims. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

It is very difficult to miss this waterfall because the flow of water creates a loud noise. When you get right up next to it, the sound can be almost deafening.

I finally reached the most important location in this area: the quarry. The stone found here is used for building projects such as the large sunspear statues that you can find all around Istan. I spoke with Stonecutter Ged, where I learned that the Corsair activity here makes the job especially difficult.

The sight of dead Istani shorewatchers at the feet of Cosairs was difficult to deal with. I took on the job to eliminate these pirates, perhaps this deed will improve my standing with the sunspears as well.

I found a wonderful example of how they transport blocks of stone. Wooden logs are set on the ground, so that the blocks can be rolled onto them. You keep placing planks further along and continue pushing. Behind this example, there is a ship fully stocked with these blocks.

I continued walking down the shoreline, going east towards Beknur Harbor. It was not long before I encountered more corsairs, and one of their leaders: Ensign Lumi. In many ways the corsairs are similar to the Crimson Skull gang from Shing Jea. These pirates cause a lot of problems for the common folk.

Reaching Beknur Harbor and looking around, I spotted the same statue I found earlier in the distance. It really is quite a massive statue.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: Champion’s Dawn, Jokanur Diggings, Blacktide Den, Beknur Habor
Exits: Zehlon Reach
Friends: –