Jul 162010

Churrhir Fields is hardly a challenge to explore, but it still interests me nonetheless. On Istan, new sunspear recruits are trained here. The equipment is similar to what is available on the Isle of the Nameless (Battle Isles). I was surprised to find so many profession trainers here. Learning the ways of the ranger had me traveling all over the Shing Jea Island. Here you only need to visit one area.

It would not be much of a training area without practice dummies. They also provide “area of effect” circles so you can judge how far your attacks or spells can reach in combat.

Away from the trainers, but still within the limits of this area are vines that remind me of the Maguuma Jungle. The water seen here leads into the Unending Ocean.

A few iboga roots make their home here. Of course they are on the southern part where no training takes place. They attacked once they spotted me, but it hardly injured me at all, so I did not mind.

Further on I found what remains of two corsair ships. This area provides a good vantage point to spot these ships. This frustrates the corsairs, so they like to attack it to keep their dealings private.

Aside from bumping into new sunspears trying to get through here as quickly as possible, I enjoyed my visit. Some of the trainers asked me questions about the professions native to Cantha, while others were reluctant to speak with me because I am not one of their students.

Outposts: Kamadan, Chahbek Village
Exits: None