Jul 312012

While I was enjoying my vacation after our victory against the Great Destroyer, far away in a secret location, a sinister plot had been set in motion. Zinn the asura golemancer and apprentice of Oola, took a power crystal provided by a mysterious client to create the golem named R.O.X. And upon it’s completion, the golem’s evil programming was set in motion. It forced Zinn to create two more golems, N.O.X. and P.O.X. to help it kill three important Tyrian royal figures (Princess Salma, Prince Bokka, and Emperor Kisu).

Fearing for his reputation (and hopefully the lives of those to be killed), Zinn made a new golem named M.O.X. to deliver his request for heroes to stop his evil golems. Malory and I found his golem outside of Lion’s Arch after word spread of its arrival. We were more than willing to help Zinn, but as an added bonus he would reward us with M.O.X. and a large sum of money upon completion of his task.

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Apr 262010

Besides the war in Kryta, a few other news-worthy events have occurred recently, such as the trial of Zinn.

I am personally very good friends with many important Asurans, most of which were at the trial today. However the manner in which they organized and carried out the trial is unfair. I suppose the White Mantle would rejoice at the no-nonsense approach to punishing the guilty, but even a Kaineng City bureaucrat would oppose these Asuran methods.

In less than an hour, they put together a trial and found Zinn guilty, mostly due to “Reckless instigation of mayhem WITHOUT a permit”. The punishment agreed upon by the Arcane Council was banishment from all Asuran areas for 10 years. My thoughts on this punishment are mixed. If they wanted to keep him out of trouble they should have just imprisoned him, because now he can roam freely and cause more problems. On the other hand, the trial was a sham and no one should have themselves judged in such a way.

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