Jul 102011

With the elimination of the afflicted throughout Cantha complete, a good night’s rest, and some delicious tea from Mount Qinkai, I was ready to tackle the next mission from the Ministry of Purity.

Xan Hei was a bit nicer than Initiate Tsuriai, but more demanding and always rushing me. I briefly talked with him in Xaquang Skyway before following him to the Bejunkan Pier. The Am Fah are still trying to spread the plague, and he wants me to intercept one of their couriers. Of course it was a trap, every time I was closing in on the courier, more Am Fah would appear and delay me.

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Jul 092011

It didn’t take me long to hear about the Ministry of Purity’s requests for assistance in Kaineng Center. After Gwen and Keiran’s wedding I vacationed on Shing Jea Island. It’s nice to relax on the beach, but I was pleased to hear that someone needed my help. So I put away the beach towel and umbrella, donned my drakescale armor and traveled back to the Cantha mainland.

Initate Zei Ri was the first Ministry of Purity official I met. I expect most ministry officials to look down on me, but rather surprisingly he didn’t patronize me in the least. I was greeted as the hero of Cantha, and he would be honored to fight along side me in an important mission. The task was to clear all the afflicted out of Cantha once and for all. Even after Shiro’s death, the afflicted and shiro’ken still roam the land terrorizing everyone.

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