Feb 182012

Reiko and the Ministry of Purity have been gaining momentum, but Miku and I have been exploring more options to dissolve their organization. One of Miku’s goals was to track down Jinnai and find out what actually happened on the day the afflicted attacked Tahnnakai Temple. We’re hoping that this information could either fracture the Ministry of Purity or at least convince the people of Cantha not to support them. After tying up a few loose ends, Miku alerted me of Jinnai’s location. Unfortunately the Ministry of Purity’s recent movement in that area also indicated we had little time to reach him.

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Feb 102012

When I last left Miku, we had infiltrated Tahnnakai Temple to rescue her younger brother Ashu. He refused to come with us, which forced us to flee and rethink our strategy. In this brief moment where I have time to myself before reuniting with Miku, I took on a few of the Lei Jeng’s troubles. Firstly was to deal with the arrival of a Kurzick and a Luxon emissary to Raisu Palace. They had come to complain about the Kaineng gangs that still roam their lands, and since this is the Ministry of Purity’s fault it is also naturally Emperor Kisu’s responsibility to remove the gangs. If only the Kurzicks and Luxons could stop fighting each other for one minute and deal with the problem themselves I wouldn’t have to intervene.

Eager to get rid of the gangs and the emissaries, I headed off to the Silent Surf in the Jade Sea. With all the fuss made about the gangs I expected to be easily outnumbered, but the Am Fah posed little threat to my group. When I spotted the last couple of groups, they were already in combat with the local (vicious) wildlife. Perhaps if the emissaries waited long enough the problem could have resolved itself.

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Oct 132011

Reiko and the Ministry of Purity’s swift changes have everyone chatting and gossiping about the future of Cantha. While traveling around the country on assignments, I often overhear these conversations and have documented a few here.

Two peasants outside of the Marketplace were displeased with the lack of the Emperor’s actions.

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Oct 042011

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, Guardsman Qao Lin handed me a troubling document. It was a decree written by Minister Reiko, calling for the death of all tengu! I saw this as a mission by the Ministry to “purge” any perceived threats to Cantha, but also as an insult to Emperor Kisu and his deceased brother, Togo. It was due to Togo’s hard work during the Tengu Wars that we are even at peace with the Angchu tribes. I think that the Ministry just wants to abolish our old ways just to substitute them with their own vision for Cantha.

So I took the document and traveled to Aerie in Kinya Province, where I found the Ministry speaking with the Angchu tribe. The Ministry does not have the authority to attack the tengu opening, so they wanted to trick the tengu into a more vulnerable position until they gain such authority. They started the talks by saying that the tengu would just be relocated to the Roost in Xaquang Skyway while they fight off the vicious Sensali tribes. I interrupted their talks by showing Soar Honorclaw (Aerie’s leader) the actual decree, revealing the Mnistry’s true motives.

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