May 022010

Lately I have spent most of my time following up on tips the Shining Blade has given me in order to keep a close eye on the war in Kryta. Before the rise of this conflict I spent my days looking over my epic diary: A Tyrian Odyssey and fine tuning older passages. So even though I despise having to fight in another war, I do enjoy helping others as best I can.

Unfortunately the tip I received earlier today was not delivered soon enough, as I was too late to save poor Farmer Milton from High Inquisitor Toriimo. When I arrived on the scene his “trial” was already underway and just as I was in reach of the High Inquisitor they set Milton on fire. What fiends! To make the situation worse, it was decided that the destruction would not end with one man’s life. No, the entire village would burn down and those close to Farmer Milton (including the cowardly Layman Josef) were to be eliminated.

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Apr 262010

Besides the war in Kryta, a few other news-worthy events have occurred recently, such as the trial of Zinn.

I am personally very good friends with many important Asurans, most of which were at the trial today. However the manner in which they organized and carried out the trial is unfair. I suppose the White Mantle would rejoice at the no-nonsense approach to punishing the guilty, but even a Kaineng City bureaucrat would oppose these Asuran methods.

In less than an hour, they put together a trial and found Zinn guilty, mostly due to “Reckless instigation of mayhem WITHOUT a permit”. The punishment agreed upon by the Arcane Council was banishment from all Asuran areas for 10 years. My thoughts on this punishment are mixed. If they wanted to keep him out of trouble they should have just imprisoned him, because now he can roam freely and cause more problems. On the other hand, the trial was a sham and no one should have themselves judged in such a way.

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Apr 202010

With the knowledge that “Peacekeepers” were aiding the White Mantle in disposing of my allies the Shining Blade, I began my hunt for them in earnest. Firstly I went to the Temple of Ages where I paid my respects to Princess Salma and asked if she had any information regarding these troublemakers. She informed me that these Peacekeepers have been causing problems for the people of Kryta and asked me if I had seen Brother Mizar, as she wanted to speak with him before she left.

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Apr 162010

I first heard rumors about a Shining Blade camp in the outskirts of Kryta about two weeks ago. So I packed my things and traveled there to investigate these rumors.

Listening to some tips I started exploring the (location removed for their safety) again and nearby the village I found earlier there were Shining Blade guards at a bridge. They recognized me as a hero and ally of the Shining Blade and were happy to let me in their camp.

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