Aug 082012

Earlier in my journal entry on the Fissure of Woe, I mentioned the requirements needed to enter the gods’ realms are steep. Finding enough skilled adventurers willing to enter the Mists is a challenge in itself. It’s no surprise that mortals shy away from the land of the dead. Through my connections in a guild, I persuaded seven individuals to accompany me into the Underworld and explore every section accessible. Elwin, Selenium, Dark One, Magic D., Bunny S., Solorian and Mini S.T. grouped up by Grenth’s statue in the Temple of Ages before giving the Voice of Grenth our offering to enter his domain.

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Aug 082012

Once Gwen started traveling with our group, it didn’t take long for her to hear rumors about her mother roaming the Underworld in search for her.

Because Sarah is a ghost and resides in the Underworld, I had to bring Gwen into the Mists to see her mother. At least for a few moments, Gwen was able to drop her guard and let Sarah mother her. I’ve seen the way Gwen shuts everyone out and hides her emotions. Even though her mother is a ghost, and we both know nothing will bring her back, at least Gwen’s scarred heart can be mended here.

Their reunion turned out better than I had hoped for. Sarah was so happy to finally see Gwen alive. She had some advice regarding where her daughter was taking her life, which I’m not sure Gwen appreciated so much, but it was good to see them together.

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Aug 062012

Tyria contains many dangers and challenges for adventurers to seek and overcome. But the Mists present a whole new level of difficulty. Two such challenges; the Fissure of Woe and the Underworld,  have a steep barrier of entry. Your party of adventurers must be deemed worthy by either the god Balthazar or Grenth to enter their realms (the Fissure of Woe and the Underworld respectively). In addition to this requirement, they provide very little information on what you’ll encounter, and the challenges you overcome do not effect Tyria.

Access to these challenges can be found on every continent. The Temple of Ages in Kryta, Lornar’s Pass in the Shiverpeaks (Underworld only), Zin Ku Corridor in Kaineng City, the Chantry of Secrets in Vabbi, and finally via the appropriate scroll in Embark Beach.

I was fortunate enough to find several adventurers that were willing to explore the Fissure of Woe. Elwin L., Heet K., and Rogoth I. all met Balthazar’s requirements of entry, and we recruited several other heroes from Tyria to join us.

As we entered the Fissure of Woe, a ghostly warrior named Rastigan the Eternal informed us of the situation in this realm. Balthazar’s half-brother Menzies has invaded the Fissure of Woe with his Shadow Army. This war has pushed Rastigan out of the Tower of Courage, and our test is to help Rastigan reclaim it.

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Jul 092010

I was very surprised to find out that the Tomb of the Primeval Kings in the Crystal Desert, had been overtaken by an unknown force. This is the site where ancient Elonians buried their kings. Adventurers came here because of a portal that leads to the Hall of Heroes, where they fought against other adventurers to gain glory and the favor of the gods. Luckily, even though the portal to the Hall of Heroes at the tombs has been corrupted, the Zaishen Order have found a new portal to the Hall of Heroes. Although I am much more interested in finding out what happened to this area. So I gathered my friends Catfish, Xia, Cver and Zetta to help me explore what has befallen this portion of the Mists.

Commander Kuro who was standing by the portal, stopped us on our way in. He pleaded with us to defeat the evil that lies within, but that if we were just foolish adventurers we should head back. Our foes are strong and have a deep hunger for human flesh. If we are to defeat them we must have a plan of action and to keep our eyes sharp. With this warning we gathered around one of the campfires still lit in the outpost and discussed how best to take on our next challenge. At first we were not sure what to plan for, so I decided to retell the story of Lord Ordan while we gave our plan more thought.

Long ago, a powerful mage named Lord Ordan managed to uncover a way to gain access to the Mists. His studies on temporal distortions led him to find a special spot known as the Rift, a place where time stands still and where you must go if you wish to explore the Mists. You can think of it like a gateway. At the center of the Rift, Lord Ordan found a way into the Hall of Heroes. This is where the spirits of champions reside, and until the mage arrived only the undead could go there. It’s not surprising that these spirits were furious with a mortal running around. At first the spirits, who had long been dead were not able to harm their intruder. Over time though, they managed to find new ways to harm the living and killed him. When they thought that all of their troubles were over, the magic he used to hide the portals that lead into the Rift failed. These portals which were placed in very hard to reach places, if found, could be accessed by anyone. With the increase of heroes seeking to end the evils of Tyria and gain glory, a flood of people have entered the Hall of Heroes as of late. It used to be that ascension was a big deal, but now there is an influx of mighty heroes that can achieve this if they set their mind to it.

With what I said, we decided on the final details of our plan and headed into the ominous looking black portal.

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