Mar 172012

Elwin and I departed from the only outpost located in Alcazia Tangle: Tarnished Haven. It is a small refuge for Krytans who disagree with the current White Mantle leadership of their homeland. Some of them belong to the Shining Blade. Others just fear for their lives and are hoping for change. This section of the Tarnished Coast that the Krytans have fled to is filled with the typical features you’d expect; lush vegetation and bloodthirsty monsters.

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Mar 142012

Being part of the Tarnished Coast, Elwin and I were excited to explore the tropical paradise that is Magus Stones. It didn’t take us long to prepare inside Rata Sum and we only grabbed a few essentials before rushing outside into the monster infested wilderness. But Elwin’s happy thoughts turned sour once he caught sight of the wind riders.

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Mar 112012

While I waited for Elwin to meet me in Rata Sum, I decided to talk to a few asurans about their recent movement to the surface and the quick construction of their new city. I hardly learned anything of importance. Most of them shooed me off saying I was interrupting important research. Perhaps they were worried I was spying on their research, but I really just wanted to compliment them on the architecture their people have designed.

After killing enough time, Elwin showed up and we left the eastern gate to fully explore Riven Earth.

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Jan 242012
At the northern end of Sparkfly Swamp, Malory and I met two asurans arguing; Tekk and Giriff. Their troubles started when an experiment failed and caused the red Gokir heket tribe (which was helping Giriff) to be displaced into the territory of Tekk’s yellow heket Ophil assistants. The two heket tribes began fighting over the territory and each asura wanted us to kill the opposing heket tribe so that their research could resume. I chose to take Tekk’s request, since I felt bad for the Ophil’s situation.Entering into these Bogroot Growths, the causalties of this territory war were apparent. Malory and I followed the trail of heket bodies to find our way to the front of the battle.