Jun 212011

When I entered the Norrhart Domains for the first time, I met Jora, the norn hunter from Boreal Station, on her quest to track down the nornbear. It made sense to help her, since we needed the norn’s help against the Destroyers. Plus I’d rather have the norn as allies than enemies. Our quest took us to Gunnar’s Hold, a massive norn hearthstead (outpost) owned by a famous smith: Gunnar Poundfist. There we were given further advice to seek out Sif Shadowhunter’s help with tracking the nornbear.

With a bit more time on my hands, I took the opportunity to explore the Norrhart Domains on the way to Sif Shadowhunter’s hearthstead, otherwise known as Sifhalla. Even though there is much to do (and to buy) in these newly discovered lands, my friend Elwin L. took time out of his day to accompany me into this unforgiving frozen wilderness.

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Jun 142011

After the events of Nightfall, I returned to Cantha and enjoyed a overdue vacation. Of course, evil can only stay quiet for so long. It all started with a series of earthquakes all over Tyria that left large crevasses leading into the uncharted depths of Tyria. There we encountered dwarves. The one who seemed to lead them was Ogden and an asuran named Vekk. We couldn’t chat for long because as we entered the crevasse, we were chased by bloodthirsty beasts that Ogden called “destroyers”. Luckily Vekk took us through an “Asura Gate” and we landed safely in Boreal Station, an outpost in the Far Shiverpeaks far beyond the Northern Wall of Ascalon.

To keep the destroyers from following us, Vekk destroyed the Asura Gate in Boreal Station. Here we also met our first norn, Jora. Ogden seemed ready to attack the giant warrior, but she had no intention of fighting us, because there was “bigger prey” to hunt. Before she left our sights, we also learned that there were humans living in the Far Shiverpeaks. Boreal Station had many adventurers from around Tyra who found themselves here through some of the many crevasses that opened. I spotted my old friend U. Loreal, and a guild member Turiel L. and invited them to join me in exploration of the area outside: Ice Cliff Chasms.

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