Feb 212011

The failed Kournan assassination has sent Prince Mehtu and Prince Bokka into hiding. Only Prince Ahmtur is ready to put up a fight and keep Vabbi safe. At this point in time, adventurers are torn between helping Margrid in helping find the two princes or accompanying Master of Whispers in fighting off the Kournan invasion at Dzagonur Bastion. Back in Kourna, I went with Margrid to free Kormir (and Margrid’s sister Shahai), so it was only natural that I stuck with her to find the princes.

Accompanied by Prince Bokka’s bodyguard, Goren, we headed to the library in the Halls of Chokhin to search old tomes for clues to the prince’s hidden sanctuary. After Margrid had gained Goren’s trust, he offered to show us where to find the princes. That would have been very helpful before we went all the way to the library! So Margrid and I left from Honur Hill and met Goren in the Mirror of Lyss. He danced in front of an unremarkable wall that soon broke apart to reveal a door, which parted for us.

Inside we found ourselves in an outpost named Dasha Vestibule. The djinn refused to let us see the princes unless we passed the Trials of Eternity, Divinity, and Wisdom. Goren didn’t make our mission easy. He kept either charging ahead or lagging behind and getting stuck on the fire traps. When we passed the trials and defeated the three djinn leaders, the princes were not very happy to see us. I argued that if it were this easy for us to reach them, Varesh would do the same and end their lives. Just as we were about to leave, large black tendrils burst through the floor. These were a sign that Nightfall is already happening!

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Feb 182011

I visited Prince Bokka the Magnificent only a few hours ago by invitation to see a play about Prince Rurik’s life. I didn’t find out until it was about to start that Kournans were playing all of the parts. Needless to say, it was a trap meant to kill the prince and myself. I equipped my bow the moment they turned aggressive and planted an arrow in Vaughn the Venerable’s chest before he could harm any of the nobles. My group of friends and henchmen took care of the rest. I am disappointed in Varesh’s ability to gain the prince’s trust in at least getting rid of the sunspears. Now she has to deal with two nations!

This has already been a busy day, but I managed to get two of my friends to help me explore the area better. I’m sure that Rajas and Elwin are more interested in meeting the prince when we’re done. Not that making our enemies explode with elementalist magic is a bore. As we walked outside of the Honur Hill gates, we noticed Prince Bokka’s palace. I’ve made a lot of money during my travels, but I can’t imagine having enough to build my own palace.

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Feb 132011

As the days progress, I’m finding it easier to gain the trust of more and more Vabbian nobles. Tomorrow I am supposed to check up on Prince Bokka the Magnificent and persuade him to help the sunspears, or at the very least oppose Varesh’s Kournan army. My friends Rajas, Alarion, and Aesir V., took a moment out of their luxurious afternoon in the Kodash Bazaar to explore the Mirror of Lyss with me. Right outside the city gates are a few tents where collectors or nobles can gather and enjoy the (safe) outdoors. I think even an aggressive Jahai Rat would send them running back inside the city.

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Feb 082011

After the Festival of Lyss, I couldn’t wait to get back into the Garden of Seborhin. I had such a fun time meeting the princes and partying with nobles. It was fantastic up until the point the skree harpies crashed the party! Normally entry back into the garden is blocked, but our friend (and Prince Mehtu’s daughter) Tahlkora can go in whenever she likes. So as long as she is with us, the guards won’t kick us out. My old friends Rajas and Elwin were delighted to hear about this and were eager to see the sights along side me.

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