Mar 262011

Our attempts to stop Nightfall from happening have failed, but we still have a chance to track down Varesh and stop her from bringing more of Abaddon’s influence into our world.

After my exploration at the Holdings of Chokhin, I was summoned to the princes to talk about Varesh’s next move. The meeting was interrupted by a messenger who said Varesh was attacking the Sebelkeh Basilica. We made haste to the Grand Court of Sebelkeh. Upon our arrival, we found an unlikely ally in Varesh’s own General Morgahn who felt betrayed by Varesh.

At the basilica, we had to close three demonic portals, kill groups of margonites, and defeat their leader, the Blasphemy, to prevent the Altar of Lyssa from being corrupted. Varesh had already completed her ritual, but we have cleansed the basilica. Unfortunately nightfall is already under way. Morgahn told us that she was headed to the Mouth of Torment in the Desolation, to usher Abaddon into our world. The general joined our party to help us hunt her down.

Night has fallen over Elona, and an army of Margonites marched to the gates of the Kodash Bazaar. With the help of the djinn of Ahdashim, we killed them and prevented their invasion. Despite our victory, parts of Elona still fell to Abaddon’s corruption. I had made my way to the Garden of Seborhin and found it had succumb to Nightfall already. Outside its twisted entrance, I found a curious Kurzick necromancer. Anile R. Durheim was drawn to Elona by the events of Nightfall. When I learned that he was a devout follower of Grenth and opposer of Abaddon, I gladly accepted his request to accompany me into the Nightfallen Garden.

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Mar 052011

It is finally time to meet the last prince of Vabbi, Mehtu the Wise. His palace, the Halls of Chokhin contains the largest library in all of Elona, which also houses many scholars. When my elementalist friend Elwin heard that I would be exploring this area, he was quick to offer assistance. I had a much harder time persuading Tahlkora to accompany us. She didn’t want to tell her father, Prince Mehtu about her adventures with us in fear that he would be angry at either us for endangering her life.

Outside the farming village of Mihanu Township, the road to Mehtu’s palace is populated with vicious plants. However if you’re careful where you walk, it is easy to get to the palace without enraging them. At the risk of bringing back unwanted plant life or monsters to the library, Elwin and I decided to explore this area fully before trying to check out a few books.

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Mar 022011

When my friends heard that I would be exploring an area with a diamond mine, they went out of their way to accompany me. It was easy to spot my friends faces in Jennur’s Horde, because they were the only ones in this mining outpost that didn’t look like they had put in a day’s work already. My two elementalist friends Rajas and Elwin showed up, and Alarion the ranger returned to join me. A warrior named Kaden, who reeked of booze, approached and said he also wanted to join our party in the exploration of Vehjin Mines. I was a little startled, but I’m never one to turn down help from a capable (if intoxicated) adventurer, so I welcomed him into our group.

The Vehjin Mines is bustling with production. The sound of banging pickaxes are everywhere. Immediately we were approached by Belgun the Quarry Master. After he learned that we were just adventurers and not looking for work, he requested that we secure the area of monsters. Rajas tried to negotiate some diamonds out of the request, but Belgun shrewdly argued away from that. The miners must be used to greedy travelers.

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Feb 252011

While Margrid, Goren, and I were trying to find Prince Bokka and Prince Mehtu in the Hidden City, my other friends were working on a different task. They chose to follow Master of Whispers and help him fight back Varesh’s army just outside Citadel of Dzagon’s gates. During their travels with him, they learned a lot about his order. Like the fact that the Order of Whispers was Turai Ossa’s elite spy network, that they were responsible for sealing away Palawa Joko, and that Master of Whisper’s real name is Jurah.

My friends helped Master of Whispers defend the Chantry of Secrets and the Citadel of Dzagon from Varesh’s army. Just as my group was aided by Prince Bokka’s bodyguard Goren, Master of Whisper’s group had one of Prince Bokka’s actors: Norgu. This might seem really strange, but he’s a talented Mesmer and wanted a chance to help out (or take the spotlight). I thought that one of Prince Ahmtur’s generals would have helped out instead of Norgu. It was surprising to find out that Lieutenant Murunda had a deep appreciation for Norgu’s “talents” and saw no reason to aid in the battle.

It will take time for the princes to convene so they can discuss their role in all of this, so I have some free time to explore a bit more of Vabbi. Elwin and our new paragon friend Bambi have joined me in today’s exploration of the Wilderness of Bahdza.

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