Apr 042011

When I arrived in the Realm of Torment, a ghost named Pehai had some news for me. Apparently Kormir was waiting for us in Nightfallen Jahai just outside the Gate of Torment. According to the spearmarshal, this area was dreamed into existence by Abaddon! She also told us she cannot leave the Realm of Torment as she has been touched by Abaddon. Anything tainted by Abaddon is confined to the realm of torment to keep the natural realm untainted. I appreciate her help, but I don’t trust her judgement. I’ve watcher to drift further away from reality as time went on. Besides, can she really lead us when she is blind?

Even though Nightfallen Jahai is not real, I’m going to explore it with Rajas in hopes of understanding Abaddon a bit more.

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