Apr 242011

As Rajas, Kaden and I entered the Depths of Madness I could tell that our stay in this twisted realm was soon coming to an end. With the progress made here earlier, the only option left is to confront Abaddon. Knowing that, exploring this area for a few hours felt nice. The area itself is like walking through a living nightmare, but I savored these last hours before the big battle.

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Apr 112011

A bit earlier, I met with Kormir in the Domain of Fear. I wasn’t happy to see her, but she surprised us with some good news. Scouts were sent out to find an ancient artifact from when the gods fought Abaddon. Unfortunately, we were stuck escorting Kormir to the Gate of Secrets for the next part of her plan.

Afterwards, Rajas and I set out for a full exploration of the area without having to worry about the spearmarshal’s wellbeing. I know that Kormir is blind, but can’t she sing us a motivational song every now and then? With all of the massive tendrils and the occasional small torment claw that pops up, I could really use some encouragement.

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Apr 082011

Abaddon’s prison, the Realm of Torment always provides us with strange experiences. I would never imagine exploring an area so disgusting and… fleshy!

Kormir led us to the Gate of Pain where we encountered some ghosts. One of them was Dunkoro’s son. He pleaded with us to continue on and bring an end to Abaddon. Soon, we overheard a conversation that the Undead Lich and an Emissary of Dhuum were having and found out that the river of souls was being dammed up by the “soulweir”. After defeating all of the torture webs, we freed some lost souls and broke down the soulweir. At that moment I expected my two friends Dunkoro and Kormir to rejoice at our accomplishment, but the spearmarshal revealed something horrible to us. Back on Istan, she was the one that originally found the demonic inscriptions, read the words of the Apocrypha and awakened it! If I’m not mistaken, that is where the corruption began. Is Kormir truly to blame for Nightfall or would someone else have set off the chain reaction in her place? The revelation made me feel quite ill, and unwilling to keep traveling with Kormir.

A few hours passed, and I spoke to my friend Rajas about today’s progress. I was going to fully explore this place anyway, but the recent happenings have given me a keen interest in this place. Even as we walked out from the Gate of Fear, we noticed some dark statues. There are six in total, and they just seem to be ordinary statues of Balthazar. Rajas mentioned that it might have to do with the god’s evil half-twin brother Menzies.

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