Mar 142011

Exploring the Desolation is a weird experience. No matter how closely I bond with my junundu wurm, everything here just feels alien to me. This is the home of the undead, not the living. When I was in the Nightfallen Garden, Abaddon’s influence made me feel sick and I start doubting the thoughts in my mind. The sulfurous wastes give me the same sort of feeling. It’s comforting to have two friends at my side to help me through this. The elementalists Rajas and Elwin showed up at the Remains of Sahlahja to join my group and explore Joko’s Domain. We talked to Sahlahjar the Dead while we made preparations to leave. The ghost told us of how he made a deal with Palawa Joko in the hopes to save his people, and how this plot backfired on him. Now his people are part of Joko’s undead army with their only hope of escape from him is death in battle.

A bit earlier today, I killed groups of Margonites that were stationed at Joko’s Bone Palace. For now, Varesh is our common enemy and Palawa Joko is willing to do a lot to help me get rid of her. I’m sure that after we kill her and hopefully reverse the effects of Nightfall, we’ll have to stop him. During my latest conversation with the undead lord, I noticed that Koss and Tahlkora were chatting it up. Apparently Tahlkora told Koss that she was happy for him and Melonni and wished them the best. Thats enough time to reflect on the past for now. I motioned my friends that we were done and Rajas, Elwin and myself headed out.

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Mar 112011

It is strange to travel the Desolation so freely. Until recently, I wouldn’t have even dreamed about crossing the sulfurous haze here. After we gained Queen Aijundu’s favor, we could control the wurms to go anywhere in the Desolation (provided that the area is sandy enough). This is exactly what we need to track down Varesh. Unfortunately we will have to deal with the consequences of releasing Palawa Joko later. I can only hope that after Nightfall, heroes will still have the strength to stop the undead lord if he tries to take over Elona again.

In the search for Varesh, and to combat the effects of Nightfall, Rajas is helping me explore the Sulfurous Wastes. Hopefully I can learn a bit more about ancient Elona and this wasteland in general.

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Mar 092011

In our mission to track down Varesh, the trail leads us back to Kourna. Kormir has been having terrible visions and felt compelled to visit the monument commemorating the Battle of Jahai. As we approached it, she trembled and screamed before disappearing into a portal of darkness. The ancient corpse of Palawa Joko then rose from the monument and thanked us for freeing him. We made a bargain with him to tell us how we might get through the sulphurous wasteland know as the Desolation. He revealed to us the secret to controlling and riding the Junundu Wurms of the sulfurous wastes! I must say, it is quite the experience. For today, I will be exploring the lands that approach the Gates of Desolation.

Here in Turai’s Procession, is the ancestral home of the Elonian centaurs. Two elementalists, Rajas and Ikk will be joining me on today’s exploration.

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Mar 052011

It is finally time to meet the last prince of Vabbi, Mehtu the Wise. His palace, the Halls of Chokhin contains the largest library in all of Elona, which also houses many scholars. When my elementalist friend Elwin heard that I would be exploring this area, he was quick to offer assistance. I had a much harder time persuading Tahlkora to accompany us. She didn’t want to tell her father, Prince Mehtu about her adventures with us in fear that he would be angry at either us for endangering her life.

Outside the farming village of Mihanu Township, the road to Mehtu’s palace is populated with vicious plants. However if you’re careful where you walk, it is easy to get to the palace without enraging them. At the risk of bringing back unwanted plant life or monsters to the library, Elwin and I decided to explore this area fully before trying to check out a few books.

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