Mar 252011

Before Rajas and I headed out into the Poisoned Outcrops, we spoke with Vissh Rakissh; one of the last of his kind in the Lair of the Forgotten outpost. Earlier that day I took his request to help retrieve the Staff of the Mists: a powerful and ancient relic of the past and “twin” to the Scepter of Orr. What the Undead Lich did with the Scepter of Orr is still fresh in my mind, so I couldn’t stand by and let the margonites run loose with its twin.

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Mar 232011

Exploring the Desolation can certainly drain one’s endurance. So it pleases me that Rajas is coming along to keep me company while I search the Shattered Ravines. As we left the nearby outpost, large tendrils, a reminder of Abaddon’s corruption, caught our attention. I can see why so many adventurers dislike straying from the beaten path. Even the strongest of warriors succumb to his taint, remaining in a state of madness.
Rajas and I have personal items that we keep to reinforce our will to bring him down. Rajas has a miniature grey giant that a child dropped while evacuating from Vabbi. It reminds him of all the innocent lives that we, as adventurers, are committed to protecting. I have a written account (this journal), to remind me of the evils I have triumphed over in the past.

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Mar 222011

Crystal Overlook is a remote section of the Desolation. You need to go through The Ruptured Heart or the Alkali Pan just to reach it. I chose to travel through The Ruptured Heart. I really like traveling to these remote locations. I think it is a pity that few people are willing to travel too far from outposts. My good friend Rajas decided to come with me today and explore the Crystal Overlook.

Once inside the area, I noticed jagged rocks with light pulsating in them. There was the familiar green light I’ve seen in the Alkali Pan before, and also an orange-red light.

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Mar 172011

In the race to track down Varesh and stop her for good, a lot of stuff has happened since my last entry. We taught our wurms a new trick, slaughtered margonites that helped Abaddon during his war with the other gods, and yes… killed Varesh! I have so much to write about, that it demands to be retold over a few journal entries rather than this one.

At least our victory against Varesh has bought us more time to deal with Abaddon. And with that time I am granted the opportunity to scour the Desolation for more information that can help our fight and better understand this wasteland. Elwin and my guild leader Theresa are joining me for the exploration of The Alkali Pan.

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