Apr 042011

When I arrived in the Realm of Torment, a ghost named Pehai had some news for me. Apparently Kormir was waiting for us in Nightfallen Jahai just outside the Gate of Torment. According to the spearmarshal, this area was dreamed into existence by Abaddon! She also told us she cannot leave the Realm of Torment as she has been touched by Abaddon. Anything tainted by Abaddon is confined to the realm of torment to keep the natural realm untainted. I appreciate her help, but I don’t trust her judgement. I’ve watcher to drift further away from reality as time went on. Besides, can she really lead us when she is blind?

Even though Nightfallen Jahai is not real, I’m going to explore it with Rajas in hopes of understanding Abaddon a bit more.

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Mar 312011

During my stay in the Desolation, I encountered a few ghosts looking for help. Some might think that helping them is pretty useless, since they are no longer living. However I see it as a good opportunity to help them “move on”.

In the Shattered Ravines near the transition to Joko’s Domain, Primeval King Jahnus wanted me to kill his ungrateful slaves. Apparently his slaves refused to be buried alive along with him. I refused his request and killed the king and his royal guards instead.

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Mar 282011

Now that I’m at the final unexplored area of the Desolation, I’m starting to dread what lies ahead. Even as Rajas and I entered the Ruptured Heart, the sight of the Mouth of Torment makes me feel ill. When we fought Varesh, Abaddon’s mask, hand and broken sword were visible. Nearing her defeat, everything was sucked into a portal, which crashed down leaving a huge hole in the Mouth of Torment. I bring this up because in the Ruptured Heart, you can still see the god of secret’s mask, hand and broken sword. Rajas thought this may just be an illusion.

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Mar 262011

Our attempts to stop Nightfall from happening have failed, but we still have a chance to track down Varesh and stop her from bringing more of Abaddon’s influence into our world.

After my exploration at the Holdings of Chokhin, I was summoned to the princes to talk about Varesh’s next move. The meeting was interrupted by a messenger who said Varesh was attacking the Sebelkeh Basilica. We made haste to the Grand Court of Sebelkeh. Upon our arrival, we found an unlikely ally in Varesh’s own General Morgahn who felt betrayed by Varesh.

At the basilica, we had to close three demonic portals, kill groups of margonites, and defeat their leader, the Blasphemy, to prevent the Altar of Lyssa from being corrupted. Varesh had already completed her ritual, but we have cleansed the basilica. Unfortunately nightfall is already under way. Morgahn told us that she was headed to the Mouth of Torment in the Desolation, to usher Abaddon into our world. The general joined our party to help us hunt her down.

Night has fallen over Elona, and an army of Margonites marched to the gates of the Kodash Bazaar. With the help of the djinn of Ahdashim, we killed them and prevented their invasion. Despite our victory, parts of Elona still fell to Abaddon’s corruption. I had made my way to the Garden of Seborhin and found it had succumb to Nightfall already. Outside its twisted entrance, I found a curious Kurzick necromancer. Anile R. Durheim was drawn to Elona by the events of Nightfall. When I learned that he was a devout follower of Grenth and opposer of Abaddon, I gladly accepted his request to accompany me into the Nightfallen Garden.

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