Oct 112010

Sunspear Sanctuary is tucked away in the earth. Apparently this location used to be a cistern for the Elon river. It had fallen out of use and had filled with monstrous bugs. With the removal of the pests and the addition of a Xunlai Agent, it is a good haven for the sunspears in Kourna. Personally I don’t like the new location. If you stand still long enough, you can hear loose rocks falling. I already feel uneasy about being found by Varesh and her demonic allies. The situation is kind of similar to the White Mantle in Kryta, but in Kourna I feel like a sitting duck. Any one of our “friends” could point them in our direction.

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Oct 042010

Things have settled down a bit at the Sunspear Sanctuary. Koss was found in Arkjok Ward earlier in the holdings of the Kournan military. The brief calm since his rescue, gave me some extra time to explore the area where our friend was held. Today Cver D. is once again helping me explore Elona.

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Sep 282010

Well, the attack on Gandara to stop Varesh didn’t go so well. We had to retreat when she summoned a pack of demons. Kormir and Koss are no where to be found, and the weaker willed among us won’t stop complaining. Our objective is pretty simple: Varesh must be stopped. I can’t just go back to Istan and hide under a rock. It is time to put away all fears and move forward.

Anyhow, I met up with two Elonian adventurers: Rajas I. and Cherry T. in Yohlon Haven. They were just as excited to explore Marga Coast as I was.

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