Nov 192010

Normally I don’t stop and take pictures while I am on a serious mission. However I doubt that the opportunity to explore Gandara, the Moon Fortress will crop up again.

Earlier we received a tip that Kormir is still alive and being held inside Gandara. At the same time, Master of Whispers informed us of a powerful demonic creature that was corrupting the Elon river. Us heroes were given the choice of accompanying either Margrid or Master of Whispers. I decided that my stealthy ranger skills were more needed in helping Kormir escape. Plus, I wanted to make sure that nothing happened to her. Brute force works great against a demonic being, but when a life hangs in the balance you must be very careful!

Ever resourceful, Margrid has found a way to get in the fortress without causing all of the guards to come down on us. We “borrowed” some Kournan military uniforms and showed up to the entrance along with my friends Elwin and Loreal. I let Margrid do all the talking, as our accents could have given us away.

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Nov 142010

Ahhh, the Dejarin Estate. I’ve had quite a few adventures here, and only now do I have the time to fully explore it. Earlier I helped Zhed Shadowhoof free his fellow centaurs from their Kournan military captors. We assaulted their fortress on our way out. That was Zhed’s idea, not mine!
Later on, I helped Zudash Dejarin towards reclaiming his estate (this place). During that quest, I found out that Koss is Mr. Dejarin’s son. So in the process of reclaiming the estate, I also mended their troubled relationship. Perhaps in the future I will write more about that, but for now I am going to talk about the area itself.

Elwin and Ikk have joined me once again in Kourna to aid me in my exploration. It is wonderful having two elementalists at my side. Not only can they cast powerful magics, but they are also a great source of information. Don’t let a cute female elementalist’s looks fool you; she is a total bookworm!

A large landmass caught our attention when we entered the area. Sometimes with all of the fighting going on around us, I often forget about Kourna’s natural beauty.

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Nov 042010

Unless I had seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it. A centaur walked into the Sunspear Sanctuary and blackmailed us into helping him. Does it sound cruel that I think we should have just held him in a cell somewhere? It’s just one centaur! Oh well, Elwin and Loreal are going to help me explore Jahai Bluffs for now.

Soon as I left the Command Post, my eyes were drawn to this statue. Red light pulsates from it, and its deep sunken eyes seem to stare straight into your soul. It was unsettling. Apparently this is a statue to commemorate the battle between Turai Ossa and Palawa Joko. The Battle of Jahai took place a little over 200 years ago. Palawa Joko’s undead army threatened to take over all of Elona. I guess I can finally see why Varesh Ossa and her Kournan military are so keen on keeping up a big presence. Unfortunately the only danger Elona currently faces is from Varesh Ossa herself.

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Oct 192010

I mentioned earlier how Koss found a corsair that would help us. It turns out that this “Margrid” person was trustworthy and didn’t lay a finger on my coin purse while we sailed back to Istan on her boat. Although I’m not entirely sure that was her boat, but whatever. The sunspears that were injured in the attack on Gandara are back home. Also I spoke with the Council of Elders about the war. After much arguing between them, it was decided we should seek out the Vabbian princes. Personally I think Elder Suhl just wants us to go away.

Even though we’re planning to move on, I still find time to explore Elona. Today I’m joined by two elementalists from Ascalon: Elwin and Ikk.

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