Jul 142010

Today I find myself in Elona, Land of the Golden Sun, to help the sunspears drive evil out of their land. Spearmarshal Kormir has sent word to Tyria and Cantha that adventurers are needed once again. I can’t turn down an offer to fight for a good cause and it lets me finally get a chance to explore Elona. On my arrival to the capital of Istan: Kamadan, I was shocked at how many people crowded this city. At first I thought that these adventurers had come to fight in the war, but they mostly seem concerned about trading goods. It seems like a great place because everyones interest is directed here, but trying to sell or buy stuff can be difficult because the noise of others drowns out your requests. Moving onto business, I invited Catfish and Cver to help me explore the Plains of Jarin. Although before leaving I asked my new friend Dunkoro to come along. He is a sunspear “hero” monk, and I’ve found him to be more knowledgable with healing magic than Alesia. He has agreed to serve as our guide through Istan because we could not find any Elonian adventurers to escort us.

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