May 042010

Normally the Monastery Overlook is off limits to everyone, even native Canthans that have graduated from their studies on Shing Jea Island. However Instructor Ng owed me a favor and let visit a few areas inside while he was on a lunch break.

After finishing my exploration of Tyria, it feels good to be back home and to visit where I began training to become a ranger. Only the most talented (or richly funded) can hope to be accepted into Shing Jea Monastery. Unlike Tyria, in Canthan you can be taught the arts of the Ritualist, a mystical spellcaster that can bind ritual spirits and command them to attack enemies and protect allies. Although others prefer to learn the deadly arts of the Assassin, a quick and efficient killer who carries out murders under many circumstances: revenge, paid contracts, or personal gain. I’ve also heard of Paragons and Dervishes coming from Elona, but I will discuss it when I visit the Land of the Golden Sun. For now I am finally back home in the Empire of the Dragon!

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